[33+] Best Happy Mothers Day Quotes for Aunts Wishes & Messages

[33+] Best Happy Mothers Day Quotes for Aunts {Wishes & Messages}

[33+] Best Happy Mothers Day Quotes for Aunts Wishes & Messages

The relationship between aunts and nephews/niece is very special. She treats younglings like their mom and gives lot of hugs and kisses to them. So if you also love your aunt then you can send her happy mothers day quotes for aunts and tell her that she is your favorite person and you like her very much. You can send wishes and quotes for mother’s day to any lady your respect and care just like your mom, this will make your relationship with her more strong. When your aunt will receive mummy’s day message from you she will feel happy and it will bring smile on her face.

Mother’s Day Cards Quotes from Daughter

Mother’s Day will be celebrated on 13th May and if you don’t have words to express your feelings to your mom then you will find some beautiful happy mothers day quotes from Holy bible that you can share with your aunt. It is also good way to pay tribute to your lovely mom for all her care and love.

Happy Mothers Day Quotes for Aunts

Happy Mothers Day Quotes for Aunts

Here you will find good collection of quotes for mother’s day that you can share with your aunt.

  • May the blessing of God fill your Mother’s Day and your life every day! Happy Mother’s Day to my beautiful Aunt!
  • Dearest aunt, I am blessed to have you in my life. You are like a mother to me who has always given me the best of love and care and pampered for all those years. I want to thank you for being so wonderful to me. With lots of love, wish you Happy Mother’s Day.
  • Without a doubt, my cousins are very lucky to have you as a mother. I’ve been fortunate to have you always by my side and so now I want you to know that I love you with all my heart and I wish you the best mothers’ day.
  • Sending you hugs and lots of kisses for a Mother’s Day that’s full of love and special wishes! Happy Mother’s Day, Auntie!
  • I find myself very fortunate to have an aunt like you, who is like a mother to me. You have always taken good care of me, supported me, loved me and showered me with unconditional affection. Wishing you a very Happy Mother’s Day aunt!!

Happy Mother’s Day Quotes for Mother-in-Law

  • As a kid I remember that you were always in every important moment for me. You are a very special person and I really feel that you should be my second mom. I love you and I hope you pass it very well today and always.
  • My life would have been so different without you I’m thinking it would have been awfully boring! You’ve added so much to my life and I’m so grateful for you! Happy Mother’s Day!
  • The one person whom I can rely in this world is you my aunt because you are not less than a mommy to me. Thanks for being so caring and loving.Thanks for being so encouraging and comforting. Happy Mother’s Day to you. You mean the world to me.
  • I’m lobbying for a new day, Aunt Day! It would be just like Mother’s Day but anybody that would be honored would have to be exactly like you. However, until that day happens, I want to wish you a fabulous Mother’s Day because you deserve that honor, too!
  • Dear Aunt, I wish I could express all the things you mean to me; Your love and support have helped so much; I hope I can make you see… That I cherish and treasure the things you do; you and I have a special connection; So on Mother’s Day and every day, you have my very deep affection.
  • Though I am not your daughter but you have always loved me and pampered me like your own child. Wishing you a very Happy Mother’s Day dearest aunt as you are a wonderful woman.
  • You are one of the most genuine people that I know. That’s what makes you more special than you know! Happy Mother’s Day To You, Dear Aunt!
  • Sending you warm greetings for Mother’s Day to the best aunt in the world. Your love, care and affection has always reminded me of my mother. Thank you for loving me like your own child.
  • Aunt, today I feel that it is also your day, I have always loved you as a mother, despite not being your son, because you have shown me much love and taught me many things that are helpful now. I cannot imagine a life without your support, aunt. Have a happy day.
  • When I think of you, I think of happiness. You are such a happy person and you bring that to other people’s lives. May your Mother’s Day be as amazing as you are!
  • My cousin is luckiest to be born as a child of an awesome woman like you and I am also a fortunate girl to be born as your niece. Warm wishes on Mother’s Day to the sweetest aunt I have.
  • Happy Mother’s Day, Aunt! Wishing you beauty, a bounty of wonderful things, and some extra special moments that will make your day perfect!
  • Everyone can tell that you two are sisters, both show a lot of love for their children and I also feel that you have shown to us. I wish you always the best and today it’s no exception. I love you.
  • You have baked me cakes, you have taken me out on shopping, you have made me laugh and you have hugged me on the bad days. Love you so much dear Aunt. Happy Mother’s Day 2021.

Mothers Day Quotes from Son to Mother

  • I am so grateful to have you in my life my aunt, my confidante, my friend! Happy Mother’s Day!
  • The sweetest memories of my childhood have the most beautiful woman in them and that is you. Your love, care, affection always makes me feel fortunate. Happy Mother’s Day to you.
  • One of the best gifts that our has ever received was the gift of you! Happy Mother’s Day, Aunt! May God forever bless you!
  • You are like my second mom who has always pampered me and loved me without any conditions. You taught me my first math lesson and my first prank. Happy Mother’s Day dearest aunt.
  • We love you, Auntie! You’re a perfect part of our lives and our family! Happy Mother’s Day!
  • I can’t come to see you very often, but I want to remind you that despite the distance I have you in my thoughts. Congratulations on Mother’s Day.
  • Dear Aunt, wishing you a warm and Happy Mother’s Day 2021. Thanks for being such a caring and loving person. Thanks for being just like my mother. You will always be very precious to me.
  • You can’t even imagine how much you are loved. It’s so much!!! Happy Mother’s Day, Aunt!
  • Though I don’t come to see you often but you are always present in my memories and my prayers because you are very close to my heart. Wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day aunt.
  • I send you a big hug and a kiss, hoping you feel all my love and you can understand the appreciation I feel for you since I was a child. Hope you have a perfect day and an even better year. Have a happy Mother’s Day.
  • You are favorite aunt because you have always given me unconditional love and care. You have stood by me at difficult times. Wishing you a wonderful and Happy Mother’s Day aunt.
  • This day I want to tell you that you have been a wonderful aunt. You have been a mother, a friend and a confidant. Thanks for being there for me always. Happy Mother’s Day 2021 to you.
  • It’s sad to know that the time of routine increasingly invades our lives, but rest assured that I always carry in my good memories and always wish that everything is going right. Happy Mother’s Day, Aunt.

Pick the best mothers day quotes for aunts and send it to your favorite aunty and tell her, she is very dear to you.

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