11 Crazy Fun Baby Shower Games Everyone Will Love

11 Crazy Fun Baby Shower Games Everyone Will Love

11 Crazy Fun Baby Shower Games Everyone Will Love

Make your last shindig before popping memorable by playing these fun baby shower games!

In this article:

  1. Baby Stroller Olympics
  2. I Have to Pee
  3. My Water Broke
  4. Pacifier Bobbing
  5. Guess the Poop
  6. The Great Diaper Race
  7. Blind Diaper Change
  8. Guess the Baby Food
  9. The Drinking Game
  10. Ready to Pop
  11. Pacify the Baby

Baby Shower Games Where Everyone Will Be Laughing Out Loud

1. Baby Stroller Olympics

This is a great baby shower games for couples with athletic and competitive friends. You’ll need a stroller, a baby doll, a timer, and a few traffic cones, chairs, or any large objects you can use to create an obstacle course. The soon-to-be parents can serve as judges.

  • Mark the starting and ending point clearly.
  • Place the stroller a few feet away from the starting point.
  • When the parents-to-be shout “Go!”, the first team member has to fasten the baby into the stroller and make their way through the obstacle course.
  • The first team member has to unbuckle the doll and hand it to the next member in line. This is repeated until everyone in the team has their turn.

A one-second penalty is added to their total time if they bump into an object. Teams are disqualified if the doll falls out of the stroller. The team who finishes with the shortest time wins.

Tip: Don’t forget to assign someone to handle the timer. It might be a split-second finish!

2. I Have to Pee

This fun baby shower game allows guests to experience one of the quirks of being pregnant, specifically, how pregnant women need to pee all the time. For this game, you will need balloons, quarters, and mason jars.

  • Put the jars on one end of the room and have your guest wait at the other end.
  • Give the participating guests one balloon each and ask them to put it inside their T-shirts.
  • Then give them one quarter and ask them to hold it in-between their knees.
  • Ask the participants to waddle to the jars, while keeping the coin in between their knees.
  • Once they get to the jar, they need to drop the coin inside without using their hands.

Whoever gets the quarter into the jar first wins!

Tip: Want more chaos? Play in teams! Transfer the balloon from one person to another to make it more exciting!

3. My Water Broke

If you’re looking for hilarious baby shower games, try playing My Water Broke! Not only is it a tactile game, but it’ll force guests to think creatively. To play this game, you’ll need small baby dolls and ice cube trays.

  • The night before the party, put one baby doll into each hole of the ice cube tray.
  • Fill the tray with water and put it in the freezer. There should be one ice cube for each guest.

The goal of the game is to “break the water” and get the baby doll out. The first guest to do this wins!

Tip: If you want to make the game more challenging, you can remove all hot beverages from the area so that the guests won’t be tempted to use them during the game.

4. Pacifier Bobbing

Think apple bobbing, but instead of apples, guests will bob for pacifiers! All you need is a large basin filled with water and about a dozen pacifiers. Just like apple bobbing, have your guest place their hands behind their backs while bobbing for the pacifier.

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You can make it more competitive by setting a time limit and keeping track of how many pacifiers guests get during their turn. Just keep in mind that you will have to wash the pacifiers before putting them back in the basin for the next guest.

5. Guess the Poop

This is a fun game for chocolate lovers! You’ll need 5-7 chocolate bars and a diaper for each chocolate bar. Put the chocolate in the diaper and smash it with a spoon until it crumbles and resembles baby poop.

Number the diapers and pass them around to your guests. The guests are free to touch, smell, or even taste the contents of each diaper to try to guess the correct chocolate bar used. The guest that has the most number of correct answer wins!

6.  The Great Diaper Race

Help the soon-to-be parents figure out who can help them change the new baby’s nappy by playing The Great Diaper Race! This game is played in teams. For each team, you will need 1 pack of newborn diapers, 1 pack of wet wipes, 1 receiving blanket, and 1 baby doll.

  • At the beginning of the game, the baby doll should be wearing a diaper and should be swaddled in the receiving blanket.
  • Set up a changing station with the diapers and wet wipes. There should be one changing station for each team.
  • The starting point of the game should be a few feet away from the changing station.
  • Have the teams line up at the starting point and have the first one in line hold the doll.
  • When the game starts, the first person should run to the changing station, remove the doll from its swaddle, take off the diaper, wipe the doll’s bottom with a wet wipe, put on a new diaper, swaddle the doll again, run back to the starting point, and then hand the doll to the next one in line.
  • Everyone in the team should repeat the entire process until everyone’s had a turn.

The first team to finish wins the game!
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7. Blind Diaper Change

The blind diaper change is challenging even for expert diaper changers! You can play this game in teams or individually. You’ll need a blindfold, a doll, and a diaper for each participant.

Basically, guests attempt to change the doll’s diaper while blindfolded. If everyone is playing at the same time, then the first person who puts on the diaper correctly wins.

Tip: This game can also be played relay-style where teams try to change the diaper as fast as they can. If they play in teams, each member takes turns putting on the blindfold and changing the baby’s diaper. The team that finishes the first wins.

8. Guess the Baby Food

This baby shower game is another crowd pleaser. To play this game, you will need jars of baby food, small spoons, pens, and paper. Remove or cover the baby food labels, replacing them with numbers.

If you choose to remove the labels, be sure to keep track of which baby food is which. Pass the jars around and have guests write down what they think is inside each jar. The guest with the most number of correct guesses wins!

Tip: To make this game more exciting, require all contestants to taste the baby food before making a guess!

9. The Drinking Game

A baby shower drinking game? Yes, please! Prepare a few baby bottles for the guests who want to play this game.

Fill the bottles with milk, water, soda or even cocktails for added fun. Hand the bottles to the participating guests and instruct them to drink as soon as the mom-to-be says “Go!” The first one to finish the bottle wins!

Tip: Give the contestants a challenge by using a nipple with the smallest hole!

10. Ready to Pop

Balloon games are always fun, even among adults! Ready to Pop is a fun relay game that’s played in teams of 5-7 people. Have the teams line up and give each person a deflated balloon and a pin.

  • The first person in line has to blow up the balloon, tie the end, and put it in their shirt.
  • After the first person, the next one in line does the same thing until everyone on the team is pregnant with a balloon.
  • To signal that they’ve finished, the team shouts “we’re ready to pop!” and uses their pins to pop their balloons.

The first team to successfully pop wins!

11. Pacify the Baby

This game is the baby shower version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey. You’ll need a large photo of a baby’s face, a blindfold, double sided tape, and a photo of a pacifier for each guest.

  • Blindfold your guests one at a time and have them attempt to place the pacifier in the baby’s mouth.
  • The guest who places the pacifier in the baby’s mouth (or the one who put it closest to the baby’s mouth) wins!

Tip: Give the guests a harder time placing the pacifier correctly by making them turn in place ten times!

Watch this video from Today’s Parent for more unique baby shower games that you will want to play with all the guests and the mom-to-be:

Gone are the days when baby showers were just for the mom-to-be and her girlfriends. With these funny baby shower games, everyone might be rolling on the floor and laughing out loud. Both the ladies and the gents will have an awesome time you’ll all remember for years to come!

Have you attended a baby shower recently? What games did you enjoy the most? Let us know in the comments section!

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