‘Vanderpump Rules’ stars Katie Maloney, Tom Schwartz split

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'Vanderpump Rules' stars Katie Maloney, Tom Schwartz split

‘Vanderpump Rules’ stars Katie Maloney, Tom Schwartz split


Bye Baba.

‘Vanderpump Rules’ stars Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz split after nearly 12 years together.

“This sucks,” Schwartz began in a lengthy statement on Instagram Tuesday night. β€œHow should I capture 12 years of love in an af-kin canned Instagram caption. What image should I use? Is there a common break down font?”

He went on to say that he wanted to clear up the rumours surrounding him.

“Katie and I are going to separate. I’m not ready to use the ‘D’ word because it hurts so much. Yes, my heart hurts, but I’ll be fine. Don’t want to elicit any sympathy here. I’m not Victims. Don’t write too sad songs.”

He then revealed that she had decided to leave him and the two had “healthy” and “productive” conversations about their relationship. He also added that asking people to respect their sense of privacy was “the tone”.

“So I will ask you to be kind,” he wrote. “I don’t blame you for any hasty judgments. If I had been watching us on VPR for the past 9 years, I would have made them too. Perception is distorted before I see it [sic] Snippets of our lives on the show, but I’m going to tell you that we’ve had some of the happiest, most romantic, funniest times over the course of our relationship. I’m talking about heaven-on-earth joy.


Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz togetherSchwartz announced the split on his Instagram, adding a photo of the two at the end of a happier time. Tom Schwartz/Instagram

“She taught me a lot about love and being a better partner.”

Despite his grief, he said he did not consider their marriage a “failure”, adding that there was “no anger or pain”.

“I don’t think we were ever a model couple. Maybe we were model divorcees. I guess that’s a dubious title,” he continued, ending his post saying he’d be fine.

“So I shut up now and say one last time, love you, Bub. Forever and forever, you’ll be in my heart. On my ass? Maybe not so much.”

Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz togetherMaloney also posted a statement on their split on Instagram Tuesday night. Tom Schwartz/Instagram

He also added several photos of the couple to their relationship.

Maloney also announced the breakup with a shorter note on her Instagram.

“Tom and I are ending our marriage after 12 years of adventure,” she wrote. β€œThere is no resentment or hostility in this ending, and there is no choice for either side. Our deep admiration for each other will always be there, and we cherish our friendship. Although we may be on different paths, we will continue to love and support each other’s happiness.

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“Thank you all for your kind words and support,” she ended with two photos of the couple.

Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz in "Vander Pump Rule" reunion.Fans of “Vanderpump Rules” have witnessed the ups and downs of the long-separated couple. Bravo

The Bravos first sparked split rumors on March 10, when fans noticed Maloney wasn’t wearing her wedding ring on a girls night with former co-star Stacey Schroeder.

One Instagram user commented at the time: “The left hand is perfectly positioned and didn’t show us the ring.”

A month ago, however, Maloney, 35, and Schwartz, 39, appeared to still be getting along after he posted a selfie on Valentine’s Day with his gold wedding ring clearly visible.

“It’s Friday and I’m in love,” he captioned the sweet selfie.

As documented in “Vanderpump Rules,” the couple faced a number of love hurdles in their long-term relationship – namely cheating, angry texting and explosive arguments.

Katie Maloney, Lisa Vanderpump and Tom Schwartz talk "Vanderpump rule."Maloney and Schwartz were less at odds in season 9. Bravo

However, for season 9 in 2021, Maloney and Schwartz appear to have put the drama behind them and are in a strong position in their marriage.

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However, they still have some minor issues, including arguing that Maloney is involved in Schwartz and co-star Tom Sandoval’s new business venture, a bar called Schwartz & Sandy’s.

Maloney eventually stepped back and opened a sandwich shop, Something About Her, in partnership with Sandoval’s girlfriend, Ariana Madix.

Maloney and Schwartz also documented their fertility journeys, having difficulty conceiving despite not using birth control.

Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney pose on the red carpet together.Maloney told CNN in January that she and Schwartz had stopped actively trying to conceive.Fraser Harrison

In January, Maloney told Page Six that she and Schwartz were no longer “actively trying” to conceive.

“I don’t want to give myself, my marriage, [Schwartz], to anyone. I’m very happy with where I am,” she said at the time.

Maloney and Schwartz started dating in September 2010 and had a lavish wedding in front of Bravo cameras in August 2016.

They later realized they were not legally married and flew to Las Vegas with close friends in July 2019 to make their union a full member.

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