15 Fun Thanksgiving Games to Play with the Family – Fun-Squared

15 Fun Thanksgiving Games to Play with the Family – Fun-Squared

15 Fun Thanksgiving Games to Play with the Family – Fun-Squared

A Peek at the Fun: You’ve got to do something while the turkey cooks or while the pie digests, why not try some of these fun Thanksgiving games to play with the family? They will keep you laughing and having a great time with family and friends while you enjoy your holiday. 

There’s a special feeling on Thanksgiving. The parade on TV or watching a football game, the smell of the turkey cooking in the oven, and the cozy evening that follows a big meal and kicking off the big Christmas season. Just typing all that up makes us excited to celebrate the big day with our family!

It’s a fun day for sure, but sometimes the waiting around for the food to cook can be a little dull. Nobody wants whiny kids or grumpy adults waiting around for their food. Make things exciting this year with a bunch of fun Thanksgiving games to play with the whole family. They’re going to LOVE these games!

Fun Thanksgiving Games

There’s nothing better than gathering with the family and laughing and playing games is there? We’ve got games here for the whole family to enjoy and we’ve got fun ideas to keep the kids entertained while the turkey cooks. Some just need to be printed, others will need a few supplies. Just look through these options and see what you think will be best for your particular group. Whatever you are looking for, we think these Thanksgiving games are going to be a huge hit for everyone!

Let’s take a look!

Fun Thanksgiving Games to Play with the Family:

Here are a bunch of fun games to get your Thanksgiving party started!

Thanksgiving Bingo Game:

Thanksgiving Bingo Game

Thanksgiving Minute to Win It Games: 

Thanksgiving Minute to Win Games

Free Printable I Spy Game for Thanksgiving:

I Spy Thanksgiving Game

Funny Thanksgiving Games for the Whole Family to Play Together:

Thanksgiving Party Games

Don’t Eat Turkey (like Don’t Eat Pete) Game:

Don't Eat Pete Thanksgiving Game for Kids

Turkey Trivia Game:

Thanksgiving Trivia Game

Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt Game:

Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt Game Idea


Shooting Turkeys Game:

Thanksgiving Games to Play for Kids


Family Feud Turkey Style:

Family Feud Game for Thanksgiving


Turkey Bowling:

Turkey Bowling


Thanksgiving Mad Libs Game:


Family Thanksgiving Scattergories Game:

Family Scavenger Hunt:

Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt

That’s a whole lot of fun in one place, isn’t it?

Have FUN playing these Thanksgiving games with your family!


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