24 Super Bowl Party Games And Ideas

24 Super Bowl Party Games And Ideas

24 Super Bowl Party Games And Ideas

The ultimate Super Bowl party this year with the help of a few fun games. They’ll get your guests pumped up for the big game, tuned into the action, and having a blast during halftime and the commercials. The great thing about Super Bowl party games is that even if you have guests who aren’t really into the football match, they can still have a great time at your party. Choose from two categories: Super Bowl party games for the adults and games for the kids. If you are having a crowd of families over, select games for both the adults and the kids—that way everyone will be happy.

Super Bowl Party Games for Adults

There’s something here for all types of people, from the football fanatics to those just interested in the wings and beer.

  1. Touch or Flag Football: A game of touch or flag football gets the crowd pumped up before the game or to get everyone moving during halftime.
  2. Football Toss: If touch or flag football is out, you can play a game of football toss. To play, lay a hula hoop (or any other round item) on the ground or hang it up, then the guests take turns tossing the football into the circle. You can keep score, or just play for fun.
  3. Super Bowl Prop Pool: Print out a series of questions, and let your party guests make predictions on who will win, the final score, and much more. If your friends are the betting kind, place a friendly wager with this one.
  4. Don’t Say It: Pick a word that guests cannot say during the party. If a guest says the word, they’ll have to pay a penalty. For instance, you can ban the word “football,” and each time a guest says it, they’ll have to take a drink or do a cartwheel.
  5. Super Bowl Commercial Bingo: Take advantage of free, printable Super Bowl bingo cards on which you cross off a square when you see certain companies’ Super Bowl commercials. The first person to get a bingo wins a small prize. The Super Bowl commercials are half the fun of the game, and this will keep your guests watching.
  6. Football Charades: Football Charades uses all the common rules of Charades, but gives it a Super Bowl twist. A few words to help you get started: touchdown, field goal, cheerleader, helmet, football, team, quarterback, halfback, goal post, halftime, mascot, referee, announcer, and coach.
  7. Super Bowl Bingo: Print out free bingo cards that will have everyone watching closely for face-painted fans, cheerleaders, celebrities, timeouts, and more.
  8. Super Bowl Trivia: Have each guest take their best shot at this printable Super Bowl Trivia game that asks about the history of the game. Divide up into teams—perhaps men versus women—to see who knows the most.
  9. Rate the Super Bowl Commercial: Print out these fun signs and attach them to popsicle sticks. During the commercials, your guests can rate how well they liked them on a scale of one to five.
  10. Super Bowl Cook-off: Get out of the cooking by asking your guests to bring a dish for the Super Bowl party. Hold a taste-test and have everyone vote for their favorites.
  11. Super Bowl Party Photo Book Props: See who can make the silliest photos with these free, printable Super Bowl party photo booth props. It includes football glasses, a football helmet, and two quote bubbles.
  12. Super Bowl Squares: Use this free printable poster to get a football pool going for the big game. Guests pay a small fee to choose a square the predicts what the score will be at a certain point of the game.

Super Bowl Party Games Just for Kids

Don’t leave the kids out of the fun! Put together Super Bowl party games and activities just for the younger set.

  1. Super Bowl Hot Football: Take a basic game of hot potato, but use a small foam or paper football to make it all about the big game.
  2. Indoor Football Toss for Kids: Let the kids burn off some energy with this fun Super Bowl party game. The kids throw a foam football and see who makes the best toss. Keep score, or just have fun with the game.
  3. Flick Football: The kids get to make footballs out of paper and then play a game to determine a winner. This is a nice indoor option if the weather isn’t cooperating.
  4. Super Bowl Bingo for Kids: Download free, printable Super Bowl bingo cards that require the kids to look for objects during the game and commercials.
  5. Super Bowl Word Search: There are 12 Super Bowl-related words that the kids will need to find in this football word search. Who can find them the fastest?
  6. Super Bowl Word Jumble: Several football words are all jumbled up, and the kids will have to unscramble them.
  7. Football Super Bowl Maze: See how quick the kids can get the football player through the football to the other side. The first one done is the winner!
  8. Football Coloring Pages: Here’s a ton of free coloring pages all having to do with football. Print out a few or many and let the kids go crazy. If you have them color them ahead of time, you can use them as decorations for your Super Bowl party.
  9. Football Scavenger Hunt for Kids: Set up a football-themed scavenger hunt for the kids with these free printables. The kids will burn off some energy running around the house, and you’ll have more time to watch the game. 
  10. Football Candy Dice: Download this free game that just requires a dice and some candy to get started. Kids will be clamoring to play so they can earn a special treat.
  11. Quarter Football: Who can get a quarter or other small object from one end zone to another first? This light tag football game doesn’t use a ball, so it can be played inside or out.

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