Super Bowl Fun Facts & Trivia | Foot Ball | Sunday

Super Bowl Fun Facts & Trivia | Foot Ball | Sunday

Super Bowl Fun Facts & Trivia | Foot Ball | Sunday

The Super Bowl is one of the most beloved events in the USA. A lot of hype comes every year for this day filled with barbecues, funny TV commercials and of course a football game. Let’s take a look at some of the fun facts and trivia that you should know about before you go to a Super Bowl party!

NFL Super Bowl LIV (54) – February 2nd 2021

San Francisco 49ers VS. Kansas City Chiefs

The 49ers vs. the Chiefs - Super Bowl LIVThe 49ers vs. the Chiefs

Fun Facts

  • 8 million pounds of guacamole is consumed on Super Bowl Sunday

  • 14,500 tons of chips are eaten along with that guacamole

  • Of the top 10 most watched American television programs of all time, nine of them are Super Bowls

  • The Super Bowl is measured in Roman numerals because a football season runs over two calendar years

  • Over 700,000 footballs are produced annually for official NFL use and 72 of them are used for the Super Bowl

  • It is the 2nd most watched sporting event in the world. More than 100 million people worldwide watch the Super Bowl every year. In fact, Super Bowl XLIV in 2010 unseated M*A*S*H’s series finale as the most watched show in television history with over 106.5 million watchers.

  • The average cost of a 30-second commercial during the Super Bowl has ranged from $37,500 at Super Bowl I, to around $2.2 million at Super Bowl XXXIV in 2000, and by Super Bowl XLIX in 2021, had doubled to around $4.5 million.

  • In 2021 a 30-second commercial reportedly cost between $5 million and $5.6 million.

  • The NFL has a policy against holding Super Bowl games in stadiums that have a climate of less than 50 degrees Fahrenheit, unless it is an enclosed stadium

  • Super Bowl XLIX (49) – Seattle Seahawks vs. the New England Patriots was the most-watched sporting event in the U.S. history. 114,442,000 people tuned in!

  • The Super Bowl is measured in Roman numerals because a football season runs over two calendar years.

Super Bowl Fun Facts and TriviaSuper Bowl Fun Facts and Trivia

Touchdown Trivia

  • What player has played in the most Super Bowls? – Tom Brady has played in 9 games

  • Which team has played in four Super Bowls but has never led at any point during the game? –The Minnesota Vikings

  • What is the name of the trophy for the winner of the Super Bowl? –The Vince Lombardi Trophy

  • Which player has won the Super Bowl MVP three times? –Joe Montana

  • If the Super Bowl is the 2nd most watched sporting event, what is the most watched sporting event every year? –Soccer Champions League Final

  • What company pays the MVP of the Super Bowl every year to sponsor their business? –Disney

  • Which team was the first team to win 5 Super Bowls? San Francisco 49ers

  • Which team won the first Super Bowl? –The Green Bay Packers

  • What current NFL team has never played in a Super Bowl? (There is 4 of them… can you name all 4?) –Detroit Lions, Houston Texans, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Cleveland Browns

What team are you cheering for?What team are you cheering for?Courtesy of Upnewsinfo

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