What is Team Spirit and Why Should You Build it at Work?

What is Team Spirit and Why Should You Build it at Work?

What is Team Spirit and Why Should You Build it at Work?

The importance of building team spirit in the workplace is undeniable.

While it’s true that some jobs, and some people, are better suited to going solo, others can flourish in a team environment. In roles where we are required to cooperate, interact and, in the long run, share success with our colleagues, effective teamwork and team spirit can have a noticeably positive impact on working life.

Being able to work well as part of a team is often assumed to be a given – it sounds easy enough, doesn’t it? However, this doesn’t come naturally to everyone. For whatever reason, whether it’s a confidence issue or simply down to their personality, certain people may struggle to do so. The good news is that teamwork and team spirit in the workplace is a skill that can be developed and honed over time, and a handy one to have, too!

This extends all the way to the top, as well. Those in management positions can often find themselves working separately from the team, but it’s still beneficial for them to have a good understanding of how to get involved. You never know when you might need to use these skills and having a foundation knowledge about teamwork will help you to promote a team culture amongst your staff. Anything that boosts productivity will boost profits!

What is team spirit?

According to the Collins English Dictionary, team spirit is the feeling of pride and loyalty that exists among the members of a team and that makes them want their team to do well or to be the best.

How can team spirit in the workplace benefit a business and its employees?

From small-medium sized businesses to the biggest brands in the world, we’ve listed a few of the many ways team spirit will benefit you:

1. Creates a pool of knowledge

If employees feel like they’re working together as a team, they’re more likely to want to help each other to achieve. Team spirit will help colleagues create an environment in which peers support one another, coach their team-mates and share their knowledge.

2. Covers all bases

Every employee is different. Most of your colleagues will have different strengths and weaknesses to bring to the table. Encouraging a cooperative atmosphere at work means that everyone’s talents can shine and be shared. Also, if one worker is completing a task or project that requires a skill or ability they lack, they will be more likely to utilise the talent of a co-worker. This means the work will be done to the highest possible standard.

3. Builds trust

This one does what it says on the tin. Increased trust amongst colleagues leads to better professional relationships and higher morale.

4. Encourages employees to take responsibility

Feeling like part of a bigger team can really push workers to achieve more, as they don’t want to be the weak link in the chain. This feeling of co-ownership helps workers to feel genuinely passionate about the business they work for. They’ll want to get results!

Team spirit in the workplace can boost employee happiness, retention, productivity and efficiency, to name but a few examples! So, for managers, investing time and effort into building a strong team will more than pay off.

Although management plays a major role in the creation of a team, the real work needs to take place within it. Those that work within the team are just as responsible for and able to promote team spirit.

Want to bring your team closer together, or simply develop your teamwork skills?

Take a look at these pointers to find out how you can build team spirit in the workplace:

  • Communicate regularly, effectively and honestly
  • Try to keep everyone in the loop
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions or for help
  • Be there for your colleagues professionally
  • Take a personal interest in one another
  • Value everyone’s opinions and suggestions
  • Steer clear of office gossiping
  • Avoid being negative
  • Discourage negativity in others
  • Spread enthusiasm and positivity
  • Encourage your colleagues and praise them when they do well
  • Try to be respectful of everyone at all times
  • Be diplomatic
  • Let your personality shine
  • Use humour (just make sure it’s work-appropriate)

Essentially, you want to portray yourself as a true team player. You’re not just out for yourself. Don’t underestimate the influence that one person’s actions can have in the workplace. Your team spirit can inspire and encourage others to work in the same way and a positive attitude can be contagious. Give it a try, you never know who could follow suit! Before you know it, your team could be stronger, more focused and more productive than they’ve been in years.

Does your office lack team spirit? Have you considered your options?

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