How to Use Memes on Facebook (and Other Platforms) for Viral Marketing

How to Use Memes on Facebook (and Other Platforms) for Viral Marketing

How to Use Memes on Facebook (and Other Platforms) for Viral Marketing

Memes are not only used for entertainment purposes nowadays, but also to create attractive viral marketing campaigns. Since anyone can create a meme that they know will appeal to their business’ target audience, it’s understandable that businesses choose to include memes into their marketing strategy. Few things attract people as much as a funny image with an even funnier text attached to it. If you want to take advantage of the power of internet memes for your business, you’re going to enjoy the topic of today’s article. We’re going to tell you all you need to know about how to use memes on Facebook and other social media platforms in order to market your products and services.

How to Use Memes on Facebook for Marketing

1. Act Fast

The first thing you should know about memes is that they’re popular for a short period of time. Since so many memes are created every day, it’s only natural that what today was being shared like crazy on social media will be considered old news in a couple of days. Which is why you should pay attention to trends and try to capitalize on them as soon as possible. Not only will you be considered a trendsetter, but you’ll also get more people interested in your products.

2.Know Your Audience

In order to appeal to your target audience, you have to know what they like. More importantly, you have to know what interests they share. That way, you can find memes that almost everyone will like. If you can’t find anything else that your customers have in common, use the most obvious example, namely you. They’re all your customers for a reason. For instance, the “what people think I do” vs “what I really do” memes are a great (and funny) way to educate the public about the business you’re in and what it actually entails. Before sharing a certain meme, always remember that the fact that it’s trending online doesn’t mean it will necessarily be trending on your Facebook page as well.

3. Make It Visible

The key to making a meme go viral is to share it as much as possible.

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Moreover, you should get your customers to do the same. This implies two main things. The first one is to share it on as many social media platforms as possible, such as Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, or Reddit. The more people stumble upon your meme on their newsfeeds, the more chances you have of them sharing it as well. The second one is to make it extremely easy for people to share it. You can do that by placing the share buttons as close to the content as possible.

4. Be Creative

Even if you draw inspiration for your memes from viral topics on the internet, that doesn’t mean that you should simply share content without adding a personal touch to it. Of course, you can also share memes if they happen to be relevant for your business. Still, you shouldn’t rely only on that. People will appreciate creativity and new and original ideas.

We hope today’s guide on how to use memes on Facebook and other social media platforms has inspired you to market your business with the help of these creative and entertaining posts.

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Author: Amanda Knowles



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