Thanksgiving Nursing Cartoons You Can Definitely Relate To

Thanksgiving Nursing Cartoons You Can Definitely Relate To

Thanksgiving Nursing Cartoons You Can Definitely Relate To


To all nurses who had to work during a Thanksgiving Day or any holiday, here are Thanksgiving nursing cartoons to give you your daily dose of humor this fine day.

We’ve rounded up all the funniest Thanksgiving cartoons from Pinterest. To see the original Pinterest posts and our nursing friends who posted these funnies, just click on the cartoon!

1. Turkey Bath ala Nurse
We don’t wanna be that turkey.

nursing joke

2. Let’s Hang
This turkey knows the stuff nurses are made of!

nursing humor

3. I’ll start an online petition
…said no nurse ever…

nursing jokes

4. Why? Why? Why?
And I’ve worked EVERY holiday

nursing memes

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5. Totally pooped
Been there. Done that.

thanks nurses

6. What keeps this job amazing
Nursing never fails to amaze!

thanksgiving cartoons

7. Midwives get some fun too!
And you thought dinner with nurses was gross.

midwife humor

8. I don’t mind working Thanksgiving
said no ER nurse ever!

thanksgiving jokes

9. Nurse Turkey
Height difference is iffy but otherwise an excellent colleague.

turkey jokes

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10. Celebrating Thanksgiving?
Don’t forget to fill that prescription.

christmas jokes

11. For your special Thanksgiving meal
Haldol and Ativan

thanksgiving holiday meal

12. Thanksgiving for nurses and doctors
Post-thanksgiving meal

thanksgiving humor

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13. Spot the poor nursing student

nursing student humor

14. Hah! More turkey jokes

turkey joke

15. Hot nurse…
Uhm, yeah. I think?

hot nurse

And for all ye nurses out there, here’s a nice wine IV for you on the house.

Happy Thanksgiving, Nurses!
May the odds be ever in your favor every holiday.

happy thanksgiving nurses

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