Happy Birthday to Us – Birthday Wishes For Same Day Born People

Happy Birthday to Us - Birthday Wishes For Same Day Born People

Happy Birthday to Us – Birthday Wishes For Same Day Born People

Happy Birthday to Us

Happy birthday to us! Only a few people in this world get to say this, and we are lucky to be one of them. I love you to the moon and back.

happy birthday to us


To my dear birthday twin, I am glad that I can say you were there with me since the moment I was born. Happy birthday to us! Let’s enjoy our day!

birthday quotes for us


Cheers to another year of existence on earth together! I wish to celebrate each of our birthdays together because that is what makes it special.

happy birthday wishes for us


Happy birthday to one outstanding person that I know. You are 80% of what I am, so when I say that you are amazing, it means that I am amazing!


Happy birthday to us! It feels so weird to say this, but I enjoy saying it as much as it sounds weird. I hope you know how dumb you are, yet I love you so much!


Happy birthday to you and me! You have always been a best friend and the best sister to me. I can never forget all the memories that we have created together.


Having a twin can be annoying at times when they compare you with one another. But it doesn’t matter as long as you are with me. Happy birthday to us!

happy birthday to us


You are not only my birthday twin but more than that. You protect me from any damage, keep me safe, love me, and care for me like a mother. Happy birthday!


I cannot say all the cheesy happy birthday lines knowing how annoying it is to have you in my life. Yet I want to wish you because I will get a wish in return too!


Happy birthday to us, my dear soulmate! We are slowly getting old, but we are getting old together! That makes me feel less bad about aging.


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Happy Birthday to The Both of Us

Happy birthday to us! May the coming year ahead bring us love, happiness, and success in all the things we do. May we have a great time ahead.

happy birthday to the both of us


Happy birthday to you and to me! Since the day we were born, we have been best friends, and I hope it remains that way forever. I love you, my partner in crime.


On your birthday, I wish you a great year ahead full of new adventures and life lessons. I want you to be happy, my dear. I am happy if you are happy.


Every year, on your birthday, you don’t get old; you get wiser. You are turning into a wise woman, and so am I. Happy birthday to you!


happy birthday both of us

Happy birthday to you and me! We have learned all the good things and bad things in life together. I don’t know what I would do without you.


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Happy Birthday My Birthday Twin

I am happy that I am a birthday twin of yours. A talented, young, and kind-hearted person. Happy birthday to us. Always remember that I am here for you.

happy birthday twin


Happy birthday to us! Today is a great day to celebrate our bond, friendship, sisterhood, and what not? May God bless you and me!


Happy birthday, my birthday twin. May the year ahead bring you a lot of positivity that will get you going in life. I know that one day you will make all of us proud.


Today is a great day to be grateful for each other because it shows that we’ve been together since the moment we both came out from our mother’s womb. Happy birthday.


Happy birthday to us, birthday twin. Never forget how much I love you and how I am willing to be there for you no matter what the situation is. I love you.

birthday wishes for twin

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