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Football Squares: the standard Super Bowl pool template

Super Bowl office pool games & ideas – Blog

It’s the beginning of a new year: people are still feeling post-holiday sluggishness, winding down from time with the family (good or bad), and getting back into the groove at work. While some of this is unavoidable, there are ways to ease into the work part – with fun!

And why not use the Super Bowl, the most watched sporting event in the country, to get coworkers amped about getting back to work?

The Super Bowl not only brings football fans together, but it also instigates some friendly competition with hardcore fans, casual fans, or people trying to bond with their fan friends. Take this opportunity to reignite office energy and get people excited to come back to work. Plus, you’ll be promoting office bonding and collaboration.

Find out how you can bring some of this excitement into the workplace with Super Bowl office pools, games, and other fun ideas.

Football Squares: the standard Super Bowl pool template

Similar to the March Madness Bracket (which we also have tips for in our March Madness Workplace Games & Office Pool Ideas post), Football Squares for the Super Bowl are one of the most commonly used office sports bracket systems around. While there are many versions, the most popular one is the 10×10 variation. It’s pretty simple:

  • Start with a 10X10 grid, giving you 100 squares.
  • Assign one of the teams to rows and one to the columns.
  • Recruit workers to join the pool and “buy in” to a square.
  • Randomly assign each row and column with a number (0-9).

Once you have every square accounted for, you’re already set up to have your own Super Bowl office pool. Winners are determined after each quarter of the game, and the last number in each team’s point total is used to decide the victor – if the score at the end of a quarter is 14-7, whoever “owns” box 4-7 (row 4, column 7) will win a portion of the pool. This is the collective pot of money that all participants put in to “own” a square.

Football Squares: the standard Super Bowl pool template

Spice it up

Simply doing an office pool might not be enough to get employees engaged and involved as they pick up steam in the new year. There are ways to make the whole Super Bowl office pool a little more exciting:

  • Throw a tailgating party – Immerse employees in the football experience with an office tailgating party. Lucky for you, we have some office tailgating tips on hand for that too.
  • Super Bowl office party – After the tailgating, host an actual viewing of the game. You can provide food, drinks (if your company guidelines allow), and amplify the excitement as pool winners are revealed live, during the event.
  • Games – Aside from the actual Super Bowl pool, there are other games to play. You can play drinking games based on events happening in the game (player injury, interception, certain types of commercials, etc.) or even have an inter-office football game to get into the spirit. Check out our football supplies if this piques your interest.
  • Make the winners feel special – Aside from winning the money, create awards for winners to make the whole event a little more personalized. This is also an option if you don’t want to have gambling going on in your workplace.
  • Create rules – Stray from the norm a bit by adding your own flair to the game. Allow partakers to trade squares as the game goes, create another way to determine the row/column number winner, or have those with squares near the winning squares win complimentary prizes.
Other Super Bowl Pool Games & Templates

Other Super Bowl pool games & templates

You might be thinking: there aren’t enough people in my office/workplace to fill out a 100 square grid. Fortunately, there are other options:

  • 10 line – This is a simple one; each person is given 1 of 10 boxes and each box is assigned a number. Every quarter, add each team’s score and the final digit is the winning number. The 10 Line is ideal for smaller companies or groups.
  • 25 grid – With this option, it’s a 5×5 grid that is assigned two numbers per team for each square – more chances to win!
  • 50 grid – This is a 5×10 grid that assigns 2 numbers per row (team 1) and 1 per column (team 2).
  • Score guessing– Each participant will guess the total number of points (combined) as well as the winning team’s score; the winner is whoever gets the closest guess.

And these are just a few! Templates for these versions can be found on the PrintYourBrackets Super Bowl page, but the options are endless. Now go ahead and create some camaraderie between coworkers and get the post-holiday cobwebs out!

How do you celebrate the Super Bowl in the workplace?

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