Best Baby Shower Favors | Cheap Baby Shower Favors Guests Will Love – Happiest Baby

Best Baby Shower Favors | Cheap Baby Shower Favors Guests Will Love – Happiest Baby

Best Baby Shower Favors | Cheap Baby Shower Favors Guests Will Love – Happiest Baby

Let’s face it, baby shower favors (well, party favors in general!) can be kind of…underwhelming. No one really needs a bag of sugared almonds, if we’re being honest. But gifting baby shower guests with something special doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. Along with the rest of baby shower trends, baby shower favors have taken a turn for the chic in recent years.  

From lovely candles and hand-milled soap to lip balm and bath bombs, there are so many ways to let guests know how much you appreciate their presence. Here are some of our favorite baby shower favors. 

Baby Shower Body Scrub

Photo & to purchase: LuluSugar via Etsy

Pretty, purposeful, easy to customize…and just the right amount of punny! Miniature jarred body scrubs are a lovely way to say “Thank you” to Mama’s favorite girls for showing up to celebrate her journey to motherhood.  

Bath Bomb Baby Shower Favors

Photo & to purchase: FifiandKikisBathCo via Etsy

Bath bombs are having a moment right now—for good reason! Plus, they’ll remind guests to take some time for themselves to relax and unwind (because the mama-to-be probably isn’t the only one who could use a little TLC!).

Succulent Baby Shower Favors

Photo & to purchase: succulentartworks via Etsy

Miniature potted succulents in an array of colors do double-duty at your baby shower: They make for beautiful centerpieces and a lovely baby shower favor guests can take home. Bonus: succulents are ridiculously easy to care for…no green thumb necessary here! 

Candle Baby Shower Favors

Photo & to purchase: Kate Aspen 

Guests can use candle baby shower favors to dress up their office or bathroom. The personal touch on these candle canisters are a bright spot on an already cute baby shower favor.

Bubbly Baby Shower Favors

Photo & to purchase: StudioBLabels via Etsy

Mama’s ready to pop—and so are her guests! Miniature bottles of sparkling wine are a sweet way to keep the celebration going even after the baby shower is over.  

Baby Shower-Themed Lip Balm

Photo & To Purchase: PerfectPrintsInc via Etsy

Eos lip balms are the best because the packaging is so easy to manipulate into a fun, themed party favor (like these cute lip balm pacifiers!). Purchase printables like these from Etsy to create a DIY baby shower favor that guests will continue to use and enjoy for months.

Bookmark Baby Shower Favors

Photo & to Purchase: Nice Price Favors

Even in our digital age, a good old-fashioned paperback is still relevant. Especially among fellow bookworms, a metal bookmark is a baby shower favor that will actually be used and enjoyed. 

Baby Shower Koozies

Photo & to purchase: CuteSayings via Etsy

For sodas, beers, and even those slim cans of wine that are so popular right now, a drink koozie is a cute, cheap baby shower favor that is sure to get tons of love (and use!) for months to come. 

Keychain Baby Shower Favors

Photo & to purchase: Nice Price Favors

Any mother-to-be’s “keys” to happiness are the people she holds closest to her. On-theme keychains are a meaningful baby shower favor that’s functional, to boot! 

Sunglasses Baby Shower Favors

Photo & to purchase: Ali Express 

Wow party guests with a super-cool baby shower favor on their way out the door. Heart-shaped sunglasses will give your guests a rosy outlook on the world (literally!). And they can be found way cheaper than you expect…

Personalized Makeup Bags

Photo & to purchase: CustomDivaTees via Etsy

Every woman needs a bag (or nine) to stash her lip gloss and other essentials. Make this baby shower favor extra special by personalizing them for each guest. This unique favor is great for a sprinkle or smaller baby shower where you can swing for slightly more spendy favors.

Wine Stopper Baby Shower Favors

Photo & to purchase: Nice Price Favors

Mama might not be drinking at the moment, but that doesn’t mean her guests won’t love a vino-themed gift. Pretty bottle stops are an inexpensive baby shower favor that will always remind guests of your lovely event.

Yummy Gift Card

Photo: Irene Kredenets for Unsplash 

Whether it’s to the local ice cream shop or a coffee chain like Starbucks, doling out $5 gift cards to treat the whole crew to a snack or beverage is just about the sweetest way to say thanks for showering the mama-to-be. 

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