50 Brilliant Yet Cheap DIY Baby Shower Favors!

50 Brilliant Yet Cheap DIY Baby Shower Favors!

50 Brilliant Yet Cheap DIY Baby Shower Favors!

You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to celebrate in style. Create some memories for the momma-to-be and her guests by hand-making some goodies for everyone to enjoy. Check out these 50 brilliant yet cheap DIY baby shower favors to round our the festivities!

1. Dreamsicles

Fruity dreamsicles diy

Studio DIY has some dreamsicle pops that you can whip up in a pinch and serve on your guests’ way out. Allow them to enjoy their thank you immediately!

2. Candy Jars

Diy baby shower favors with mason jars

A batch of mason jars aren’t too expensive and they’re a great starting piece for your shower favor! Fill it up, design a label and bam – it’s an adorable and thoughtful gift for the guests. (via)

3. Rustic Candy Boxes

Rustic diy gift boxes

Consumer Crafts shows off how to make some rustic boxes to house your shower favors. Just fill it up with the momma-to-be’s favorite treats!

4. Hand Sanitizers

Diy baby shower favor hand sanitizer

Here’s another easy and inexpensive favor to pass out to all of the shower guests. Grab a batch from your favorite store and DIY your own label. It’s simple! (Pinterest)

5. Personalized Rock Candy Pops

Diy rock candy favor

Similar to the hand sanitizers above, these rock candy treats are easy too! Grab a batch and DIY your own, personal labels – thanks for the idea Something Turquoise!

6. Body Oil Perfume Spray

Diy body oil favors

Something Turquoise also shows us how to create some body oil perfume sprays that are both thoughtful and inexpensive to make. Hop on over and check out the details.

7. Mini Donut Candies

How to mini candy donuts diy

These mini donuts candies from Paper N Stitch are one of the most adorable ideas around. Whip up a batch and have every guest carry a bag with them.

8. Washi Tape Candy Jars

Diy small candy jars with washi tape

If you find a set of jars or mini vials for a great price, snatch them up. All you need are some candies and a bit of washi tape to style them. (via)

9. Oreo Sprinkle Pops

Diy oreo sprinkle pops

Catch My Party showed off some Oreo sprinkle pops that won’t break the bank. Your guests will ooh and ahh over their charm but, luckily, they’re tasty too!

10. Rice Krispie Treat Hearts

Rice krispies treats hearts diy

Believe it or not, these pretty rice krispy treats won’t hurt the wallet either. Grab the easy recipe over at Intimate Weddings.

11. Fresh Fruit

Diy fresh fruit party favors

A b out of fresh fruit could be the best way to say thanks to all the shower guests. Pay homage to the season and check out some alternative inspiration at Intimate Weddings.

12. Potted Herbs

Diy with the sweetest occasion

The Sweetest Occasion featured an easy tutorial for some potted herbs that double as shower favors. Believe or not, they’re quite inexpensive as well!

13. Birdseed Hearts

Diy birdseed heart favors

The perfect springtime favor would involve a bit of birdseed. Every guest will walk away with a new ornament for their yard and a treat for the birds too.  (via)

14. Hot Cocoa Flavor Vials

Hot cocoa flavors diy favor

Green Wedding Shoes showcased a batch of hot chocolate vials that act perfectly as shower favors as well. Pass out different flavors and have fun with it!

15. Button Cookies

Button cookies recipe

Check out these cute cookies from One Charming Party! Have a “cute as a button” themed baby shower and send guests out with baggies of buttons!

16. Citrus Coriander Rub

Citrus rub party favor diy

Martha Stewart gave us this delicious recipe for citrus rub that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to recreate either! It’s a unique touch to the celebration.

17. Glitter Marshmallows

Diy glitter marshmallows

Why not make some glitter marshmallows for the guests to enjoy with a hot cup of cocoa once all the commotion has died down? Check this one out at Shrimp Salad Circus!

18. Mint Sugar Scrub

Mint sugar scrub diy favor

Learn how to make some mint sugar scrub over at Love Vividly. Sugar scrubs don’t cost much to recreate, you’ll spend more money on the hard you choose!

19. Vanilla Sugar Vials

Diy vanilla sugar vials favor

A bit of vanilla sugar can go a long way as well. Grab all the details by visiting Apple Brides tonight!

20. Melted Crayon Coins

Diy melted crayon favors

Here’s a fun way to create a festive thank you for your guests to enjoy. Bring a bout of color and creativity into the mix with some help from Intimate Weddings.

21. Glitter Wine Stoppers

Diy glitter wine stoppers

Corks don’t cost much. In fact, you could always use your collection of corks to get this DIY started without spending a dime! (via)

22. Pie To Go

Pie to go baby shower favor diy

Whip up some pie and send them off with all of your guests. You’ll just need to grab a bit more inspiration from Martha Stewart.

23. Decorated Candy Apples

Diy candy apple favors

Candy apples can be a great way to DIY some baby shower favors without spending too much on frivolous “stuff.” You can even make this an activity for all of the guests to enjoy. (via)

24. He or She Hershey Bars

Hershey bar baby shower invites

A bout of “He” or “She” bars can go a long way as well. It’s also a great way to reveal the gender of the baby! (Pinterest)  

25. Jelly Bean Bags

Jelly bean bag party favors

Simple and sweet is always a great option. Visit Oh Happy Day for the easy details behind these jelly bean bags.

26. Confetti Vials

Diy confetti homemade

An easy and cheap way to whip up some baby shower invites would be to look toward the glitter. Fill up some vials with confetti and call it a day! (via)

27. S’mores Kits

Diy smores kits favors

S’mores kits won’t cost much either and they’re really easy to make. Hop on over to Evermine for some extra inspiration.

28. Tea Bags

Tea bag diy favor

Tea is always a great idea and you can do it in a way that keeps things in budget. Decorate and style them to fit the theme and be done! (via)

29. Caramel Popcorn

Homemade caramel corn favors

The Knot featured some great ideas concerning favor ideas and we had to grab the caramel popcorn for our readers too!

30. Paint Stick Keychain

Diy paint stick keychain

Who knew those free paint sticks that you can get at the home improvement store could turn into something so adorable. Snag the tutorial at Ruffled.

31. Butterscotch Candy Bags

Butterscotch candy favors diy

Evermine has a great tutorial behind these easy-to-replicate butterscotch candy bags. Send this off with your pals after a day of celebrating the baby-to-come!

32. Bath Bombs

Diy colored epsom salts bath bombs

The Makeup Dummy knows that everyone loves a good bath bombs. Follow along and learn how to make these too!

33. Hand Warmers

Diy hand warmer favors

All you need are some fabric scraps to get these started. And, of course, they don’t cost much to make either! (Swoon Studio)

34. Chocolate Chip Cookies

Diy chocolate chip cookie favors

Intimate Weddings knows that you can’t go wrong with a delicious bath of chocolate chip cookies. These won’t break the bank and every guest will walk away happy.

35. Infused Sugars

Diy infused sugar favor

We’re loving these infused sugars from HGTV! Follow along and learn how to make some fun mixtures for your gals to enjoy!

36. Bubblegum

Buckets of bubblegum diy favor

Bubblegum can do the trick too. We found this idea over at HGTV and know that these candies don’t cost much – and you can gift them in lots of different ways!

37. Fortune Cookies

Diy fortune cookie party favors

Whether you pass them out in their wrapped or take it up a notch and dip them in some chocolate to fit your “luck” or “Asian-inspired” theme, fortune cookies can be so much fun! They’re unique too and we’re loving the innovation. (via)

38. Cotton Candy

Diy cotton candy favor

You can buy cotton candy in batches too on the cheap! The, just like they did at DIY Network, wrap it up in all kinds of ways with all kinds of phrases to say thanks!

39. Flower-Topped Macarons

Diy flower top macarons

Check out this fun idea from Sugar and Cloth! Whether you bake or buy a batch of macaroons, a bunch of flowers can be used to top them off quite nicely.

40. Mason Jar Cookie Mix

Mason jar cookie mix

Again, mason jars don’t cost to much and night does the ingredients to this cookie mix. Grab the recipe at Sheri Silver.

41. Fabric Ornaments

Diy fabric ornaments

If you’re celebrating around Christmastime, why not whip up some ornaments. Grab the tutorial for these fabric cuties at Place of My Taste.

42. Bubbles

Bubble diy favors

Bubbles could be easy and fun too. And there are so many different ways to present them, check out A Bubbly Life now!

43. White Chocolate Caramel Pretzels

White chocolate caramel pretzels

Here’s another snack that’s satisfying, sweet and easy! These dipped pretzels from No Biggie are the perfect party favor!

44. Hugs & Kisses

Hugs & kisses party favors

These bags of hugs and kisses could be fun for your shower as well. Just hop on over and take a look at Evermine.

45. Smarties

Smarties party favor diy

Evermine also took  some Smarties and wrapped them up tight. It’s a festive way to show your appreciation – and easy too!

46. Coca-Cola

Coke bottle wedding favor diy

Crafty Morning shows off another favor idea that won’t break the bank and one that guests will love. All you have to do is DIY and design your own tags.

47. Sugar Lip Scrub

Sugar scrub for your lips diy

Here’s another pampering favor that A Beautiful Mess featured on their site. All you need is a bit of sugar to get yourself started with this one.

48. Dum Dum Pops

Dum dum pop party favors

Dum dum pops are easy to find and inexpensive to buy! Grab them and then get creative with their send off. (via)

49. Popping Popcorn

Popping by popcorn favor

Instead of already popped corn, go with a car of ready-to-be-popped kernels! Evermine has all the details on this “punny” idea.

50. Marshmallow Pops

Marshmallow pops

Honey & Lime used marshmallows in their favor idea too! Create marshmallow pops with some dipping chocolates and paper straws!

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