25 Cute Captions For Your First Couple Picture

25 Cute Captions For Your First Couple Picture

25 Cute Captions For Your First Couple Picture

Putting up your first couple picture on Facebook is kind of a big deal, right? It is a way to express your love for each other and making it official in front of everyone, be it your friends or relatives. Not only do you want to get the photo just right, but you also want the caption to be spot on too! The captions play an important role to express the feel of the picture and if you are confused about the captions for a couple pictures to post on social media, then here we have got some suggestions for you.

Captions For A Couple Picture As Per the Concept

Here are 25 awesome captions for couple pictures on Facebook. These captions are cute, goofy and romantic! Take your pick, ladies.

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If It’s a Lovey Dovey One!

If the picture you have clicked with your better half is all lovey-dovey, then given below is a list of cute captions for pictures with your boyfriend

1. ‘I think I’ve found my happily ever after… And it’s everything I had asked for and more.’

Let the world know that you’re in love and how!

1 captions for your couple picture

2. ‘He’s my lobster!’

Why not quote Phoebe Buffay from F.R.I.E.N.D.S?

3. ‘We are the perfect misfits and we wouldn’t have it any other way.’

Because you really wouldn’t, would you?

3 captions for your couple picture

4. ‘That warm and fuzzy feeling called love? I found it… Here’s what it looks like.’

And ask your boyfriend to post the same caption too!

5. ‘Sometimes there is only one thing left to say… P.S. I Love You.’

Take inspiration from P.S. I Love You and put up this simple but extremely heartwarming caption.

6. The first day you came into my life, I realized that you will stay here until the end.

Tell him your first instinct when you saw him.

7. I know that my feelings for you are real. As I spend more time thinking of you than myself.

A picture in which you’ll be looking into each other’s eyes + this caption = Awww <3

8. You are as important in my life as the beat is to heart. Our love bond is strong and irreplaceable.

Tell him how important he is to you.

9. I want to be with you for only two times. NOW AND FOREVER.

Make it official (at least from your side and wait for his comment)

10. Since the day first when we met, you have changed me. I cry less, laugh harder and this is just because of you my dear.

Make him feel special in front of everyone.

5 captions for your couple picture

If It’s a Goofy One!

11. ‘It was no fun being crazy alone, so we decided to be crazy together.’

Because no one can match your level of crazy like your partner does!

12. ‘Sometimes he makes me want to pull my hair out and the rest of the time I just want to squish him with a tight hug!’

After all, where’s the fun in being lovey-dovey all the time?

7 captions for your couple picture

13. ‘Because being the sane and sophisticated couple is too mainstream!’

You love being the idiots in love, don’t you?

14. ‘It’s like I want to push you off the building and then run down to catch you!’

If this is exactly how he makes you feel at times.

9 captions for your couple picture

15. ‘He makes me go from “Arrrghh!” to “Awww” real quick!’

Because he is the cutest!

16. Together we are double trouble

If he is your partner in crime

17. Us weirdos gotta stick together

If you are lucky enough to find a weirdo never let them go

18. Forget the Butterflies, I feel the whole zoo in my stomach when I am with you

Because it’s a rumble in the jungle, no!

If It’s a Candid Click!

If you want to post a candid picture which is almost always just adorable, then given below is a list of the captions that you can pick.

19. ‘Even when we aren’t looking, we somehow sync perfectly!’

This is perfect for the pic where you both aren’t exactly looking at each other but are still so perfect.

11 captions for your couple picture

20. ‘We were all out of poses, so we just stood there and smiled at each other instead.’

For that candid shot where your smiles are making the picture so much brighter!

21. ‘He makes my world go round and turns my frown upside down.’

Put this one up with a candid click where he is doing something to make you smile.

13 captions for your couple picture

22. ‘THIS is the moment we knew, we are in this forever!’

If you have a photo of the both of you from the earlier phases of your relationship, then this quote will go perfectly with that one.

23. ‘There is a warmth in your eyes, one I can feel even when you’re not around.’

Because even when he is not around, you can feel he isn’t really too far away.

24. No matter what, every picture is perfect with YOU!

Even if the picture is candid, but with him, everything seems just perfect.

25. You are the reason I live my life to the fullest, I don’t worry about the past or future when I am with YOU!

Because people forget all the worries when they are with their true love.

15 captions for your couple picture

So, these were the 25 super cute caption for couple pic on FB. Post it right away to express your true love!

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