14 Awesome Virtual Team Celebration Ideas for Work

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14 Awesome Virtual Team Celebration Ideas for Work

You found our list of fun virtual team celebration ideas.

Virtual celebration ideas are ways to recognize achievements and observe special occasions online. Online parties and digital shout-outs are fun ways to relax together and acknowledge achievements. These events are also called “online celebrations” and “remote celebrations.”

These celebrations may be part of a virtual team retreat.

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So, here is the list!

List of virtual team celebration ideas

From care packages to social media shout-outs to team rituals, here is a list of online celebration ideas sure to foster connection and positive feelings.

1. Make a team timeline

Virtual parties last a couple of hours, but team records last much longer. You can memorialize your coworker’s achievements by creating a team timeline. Whenever you add or view a new entry on the timeline, you will notice past accomplishments, too. This activity is a great way to enforce the idea of team success and commemorate your group’s long term achievements. Timelines are one of the more unique and meaningful ways to celebrate milestones remotely.

To make a team timeline, use a program like Adobe Spark to record and share your history.

You can add work specific feats like starting with the company, scoring a major client, securing a promotion, or gaining a certification, as well as personal accomplishments like buying a house, adopting a pet, or traveling to a dream destination. You can even add silly wins like brewing the perfect cup of coffee or finally beating the high score in Candy Crush.

2. Cocktail Shake-Up

Momentous occasions call for champagne. Folks traditionally cheer wins with a drink. You and your team can celebrate together by learning how to mix up fancy drinks during Cocktail Shake-Up.

Cocktail Shake-Up

Each team member will receive a package full of ingredients. Everyone will rendezvous on a video call where a guide will lead the group through a tasty drink tutorial and tasteful work-friendly drinking games. This virtual event is appropriate for all kinds of occasions, from birthdays, to promotions, to project completions, to your plain-old standard Thursday night.

Learn more about Cocktail Shake-Up.

3. Send a care package

Unexpected presents are the best. Everyone enjoys receiving gifts in the mail, and remote employees are no exception. You can send care packages to your virtual teammates to boost morale and recognize special events.

Virtual care package ideas for employees:

  • Craft kits
  • Crossword puzzles and adult coloring books
  • Snack subscription boxes
  • Fun stationary and office supplies
  • House plants
  • Holiday decorations and treats
  • Mugs with tea, cocoa, or coffee
  • Baking or meal kits
  • Device chargers, extension cords, and other tech accessories
  • Electronic cleaning supplies
  • Candles and scented oils
  • Blankets or snuggies
  • 3-D pop up cards or musical cards

You could also tailor your care packages to match your employee’s interests. For more online care package inspiration, you can check Pinterest for other ideas.

When virtual team celebration ideas include tangible elements such as care packages, your remote teammates will feel a personal touch that otherwise lacks in virtual offices.

Here is a list of employee gifts for more inspiration.

4. Create a celebration fund

Successful teams rack up accomplishments quickly. Chances are, you and your team will find many opportunities to celebrate. Because postage adds up and cake is better fresh, you may want to consider starting a celebration fund to cover the costs of your festivities. In lieu of shipping goodies to your crew, you can reimburse employees for little luxuries. Simply designate a certain amount, say $10 a month, as a celebration budget. Then, allow employees to expense a special treat of choice.

This approach grants teammates autonomy. Lucinda may splurge on a fancy nail polish while Edyta adopts a baby spider plant. Barack may pick out a salted caramel cupcake, while Maximus gorges on kool-aid flavored pickles. You can encourage employees to share chosen presents on a video call or in an online photo album to encourage more team bonding.

5. Shout out achievements on social media

You probably already acknowledge friend and family achievements on social media. With your teammates’ blessing, you can celebrate your virtual crew’s accomplishments the same way. By creating a social media group, campaign, or account dedicated to your team’s wins, you can recognize remote team accomplishments on an organizational or global level.

Example posts:

  • Congrats to Joyce on her pet adoption! We are happy to welcome Mr. Peanut Butter to the TeamBuilding family!
  • Not to brag, but our sales team just hit their monthly quota TWO WEEKS early! Double or nothing?
  • We have a latte talented staff, but Rakesh was just named World Barista Champion!
  • Check out this glowing review from a satisfied customer: “Warren went above and beyond to walk me through the software installation process. He was so patient and kind, even when my computer kept freezing!” You rock, Warren!

Social media shout-outs are one of the easiest free virtual celebration ideas. Your staff’s good deeds will receive much-deserved recognition and attention. These posts can garner good will with employees, clients, and brand fans alike. Plus, these shoutouts are excellent for virtual employee engagement.

6. Start a team ritual

Shared experiences form the basis of team bonding. One of the easiest ways to cement a group identity is to start a ritual. You and your team can establish a standard celebration to enjoy every time a teammate crushes a goal or reaches a milestone.

A few ideas:

  • New member video call Bohemian Rhapsody serenades
  • Baby shower team baby picture swaps
  • Online retirement party roasts
  • Post-vacation digital slideshows
  • April Fools Day online prank war
  • Birthday photoshop challenges
  • Wine and cheese Wednesday

Your ritual might even include a team chant.

The actual activity is not as important as the repetition. Joining a group tradition helps coworkers feel included in the team.

7. Track birthdays and other milestones

Gone are the days of struggling to keep track of your remote teammate’s special events. Without break room banter or the promise of office cake, birthdays and work anniversaries can easily slip under the radar. Luckily, online tools can organize important dates.

Employees can send teammates event invites for milestones like birthdays and workiversaries to mark the dates on all cloud-based calendars. You could also use Slack apps like cakeday to automatically send birthday reminders to the team. Then, you can plan a virtual birthday party.

One of the most essential virtual office celebration ideas is to identify special events worth celebrating. Remembering and observing your colleagues’ special days is a simple but powerful way to build rapport and promote inclusivity among remote teams.

8. Throw an online holiday party

Your distributed teammates likely live in different states, countries, or continents. Chances are, you cannot gather for a rocking in-person party without racking up major airfare expenses. However, you can throw a virtual holiday party to celebrate together in style. To throw an online holiday party, send your attendees invitations to a web meeting and entertain your guests with fun virtual party activities. While online office parties may lack in face to face interactions, it is easy to make up for that in comfort, convenience, and internet entertainment factor.

9. Celebrate unfamiliar holidays

Since moving your celebration online already breaks office party tradition, you might as well shake up the system even further by observing less-celebrated holidays.

This approach is a great way to highlight and honor the diverse backgrounds of your teammates. For instance, Arjun might teach teammates how to make Gulab Jaman sweets for Diwali, or Sophia may demonstrate proper egg cracking (Tsougrisma) technique for Greek Easter. Celebrating these holidays leads to a deeper understanding of colleagues and an appreciation for the cultural significance of the events.

You can also celebrate quirky pop culture holidays virtually with your team.

A few suggestions:

  • National Clean Your Desk Day (January 13)
  • National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day (January 27)
  • National Paranormal Day (May 3)
  • World Animal Day (October 4)
  • Do a Grouch A Favor Day (February 16)
  • Be Kind to Humankind Week (Last week of August)
  • Fight Procrastination Day (September 6)
  • National Puppy Day (March 23)
  • Scavenger Hunt Day (May 24)
  • Donut Day (June 2)
  • Relaxation Day (August 27)
  • Talk Like a Pirate Day (September 19)
  • Boss’s Day

These offbeat virtual team celebration ideas are a great excuse to gather virtually and have fun during stretches when there are no “official” office holidays to observe.

Your team may enjoy a virtual New Years party or virtual Halloween party too.

10. Choose a team victory anthem


You and your dispersed teams can celebrate wins together by choosing and playing a victory song every time a group member triumphs. Whenever you learn of a win, drop a link to your chosen anthem into the group chat or hop on a video call and grab your trusty hairbrush microphone.

A few recommendations:

  • We Are the Champions by Queen
  • Eye of the Tiger by Survivor
  • Run the World by Beyoncé
  • All I Do is Win by DJ Khaled
  • Celebration by Kool and the Gang
  • Hall of Fame by The Script
  • I’m Still Standing by Elton John

Dancing to 80’s power ballads may seem cheesy, but celebrating with a victory song will energize the team. Your victory anthem can also be a powerful motivator to spur virtual teammates towards success.

11. Toast teammates online

People often commemorate achievements with toasts. Just because you and your team cannot clink glasses in person, does not mean you cannot praise your teammates’ accomplishments with this virtual team celebration.

Virtual toasts allow you and your teammates to praise each other online.

Here’s how to prepare an online toast:

  1. First, pick a subject. You can focus on a serious achievement such as a project completion or a distinguished colleague, or you can adopt a sillier tone.
  2. Instruct everyone participating to write a separate short speech or collaborate on one presentation.
  3. Share the toasts during a web call, or each group member could upload a short video clip using a program like Loom.

This activity can help your team sharpen public speaking skills that may get rusty in remote offices. To perfect your presentation skills, join a Toastmasters club and learn communication tips.

Pro tip: Send your teammates mini bottles of champagne or sparkling cider and disposable flutes to strike an authentic toasting atmosphere.

12. Compile a highlight reel

Every December, media outlets release top ten lists and other collections of the past year’s highlights. You can spotlight your team’s exploits by compiling your own collection.

To complete the activity, you must first gather information from your team. You can use a program like Google Forms to easily collect your remote teammates’ answers.

  • Potential prompts:
  • Funniest moment
  • Proudest moment
  • Greatest win
  • Best lesson learned
  • Team bonding stories
  • Favorite activity or event
  • Predictions & hopes

Once you gather the responses, sort and rank the replies. Reveal the answers in a slideshow, video, or list which you will reveal via email or video call. Your teammates can submit photos and video clips to liven up the presentation, and you can even transform the exercise into an awards show if you prefer.

Most people compile highlights at the end of the year, but you can perform the activity regularly, perhaps even quarterly or monthly.

13. Let the honoree pick the prize

Instead of deciding how to celebrate your coworker, allow the special guest the honor of choosing the entertainment. Present your honoree with a list of virtual team building ideas and virtual hangout ideas and let the celebrant set the agenda. Consider allowing the honoree to choose a gift for the team by offering a few options like candy, company swag, virtual gift cards, charity donations, or device accessories.

Getting to pick out the present or activity is an inexpensive but fun perk for high performing employees.

14. Virtual escape rooms

If you are looking to celebrate with games and competitions then virtual escape rooms may be a good option for your team. There are a wide variety of online escape rooms around, with both paid and free options. The paid options tend to be run by company and take place over Zoom, Google Maps or custom software. The free options are often based on Google Forms and spreadsheets. Check out our list of the best virtual escape rooms to find one that fits your interests.


Hosting a virtual team celebration is a great way to boost remote team morale and foster a culture of recognition within your virtual office. Online parties offer ways for remote employees to relax and casually interact, providing a re-energizing break from the standard work from home routine. These activities are major motivators and morale boosters. Remote celebrations promote a sense of togetherness from a distance.

For more work from home party suggestions, check out our tips for a spooky virtual costume party.

FAQ: Virtual celebration ideas

Here are answers to some of the most common questions about virtual celebration ideas.

What are virtual celebration ideas?

Virtual celebration ideas are suggestions for acknowledging accomplishments and observing special days remotely. These online celebration ideas can happen on platforms such as video conferencing software, online messaging applications, and social media pages.

What are good virtual celebration ideas?

Some good virtual celebration ideas include team timelines, care packages, and online holiday parties.

How do you celebrate with your team virtually?

To celebrate with your team virtually you can recognize occasions like birthdays, holidays and retirements. Then, on these occasions you can plan virtual team building activities or do happy hours. For some occasions, sending employees to your gifts can be a great idea.

How do you do a virtual celebration?

To do a virtual celebration, plan your activities and then have everyone on your team login to a platform like Zoom, Webex, Google Meet or Microsoft Teams. From there, you can do some of the fun activities on this list.

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