Which Character On The Office Is Your Soulmate, Based On Your Chinese Zodiac?

Which Character On The Office Is Your Soulmate, Based On Your Chinese Zodiac?

Which Character On The Office Is Your Soulmate, Based On Your Chinese Zodiac?

The Office is a simple story; it’s just an office. But within the walls of Dunder Mifflin Scranton, there are all sorts of different characters. Some content, some ambitious. Some offensive, some kind. The Office is populated with all sorts of characters and each of them makes for the perfect soulmate of all types of people.

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Likewise, the characters of The Office also align pretty well with some Chinese Zodiac signs. Based on the animal that represents the year one was born in, the following list is a perfect match for who the soulmate is of those various people. After all, to be a soulmate is to be in sync with the sensibility of a person. That goes for comedy characters, too.

12 Rat: Jim

Jim Halpert is one of the dreamers of The Office. He openly tells the documentary crew that he doesn’t see a future outside of Dunder Mifflin. This sense of versatility and ambition aligns him well with the Rat sign, making him a soulmate for Rats.

Granted, Jim finds a personal future at Dunder Mifflin, if not a professional one. But it’s his quick wit that ultimately defines him and those born in the Year of the Rat will gravitate towards that.

11 Ox: Meredith

In the finale of The Office, Meredith revealed that she was consistently working towards a degree throughout the series and the camera crew only ever showed her acting with vulgarity. This makes her quite the determined character. Just like those from the Year of the Ox!

Oxen are known for the hard-working personas and Meredith aligns with that expertly. She’d be a perfect soulmate for those who are associated with the Ox.

10 Tiger: Andy

Andy is a character who changes based on the episode of The Office, let alone the season. However, he is mostly defined by his unfounded confidence, extreme sense of competitiveness, and over-the-top enthusiasm.

Obviously, these are qualities that match perfectly with those born in the Year of the Tiger. If Angela, Erin, and Jessica couldn’t be Andy’s soulmate, then the odds are that they were not Tigers.

9 Rabbit: Pam

Jenna Fischer as Pam Beesly in The Office

In the early days of The Office, Pam was a responsible worker who kept the office functioning, but was also quiet and reserved. She kept to herself until she found her voice at the end of season three and became a completely revitalized figure on the series.

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Still, she embodied the kindness and proclivity for watching a scene unfold that is present within Rabbits. Jim and Pam are obviously soulmates, so that must mean Rats and Rabbits go together well.

8 Dragon: Dwight

The Office

Dwight is not simply the soulmate for those born in the Year of the Dragon because he has an affinity for medieval and fantastical creatures. It’s also because Dragons are known for their confidence and bombastic personalities.

Yes, Dwight is loyal, but he’s mostly emblematic of personality traits that are grating and, occasionally, archaic. To those born in the Year of the Dragon, though, they would feel the opposite. They’d be attracted to those attributes in Dwight.

7 Snake: Creed

Creed is absolutely a match for the Year of the Snake. He’s too much of an enigma to be paired with anyone who is not similarly enigmatic. However, on occasion, Creed does toss out a bit of wisdom.

Most of the time, this wisdom is mistaken for senility (and not without good reason). But it would still be enticing to Snakes, who are drawn to figures with ambiguous intelligence on par with their own.

6 Horse: Michael

Michael Scott is a man with a ton of energy. As the boss of Dunder Mifflin Scranton, he is incredibly obnoxious at times and quietly sweet at others. For the most part, he’s never aware of which role he’s occupying.

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That’s why Horses are soulmates for Michael. Holly Flax embodies the qualities of the Horse, too (it’s almost like she was made in a lab for Michael), after all. They’re the only ones in the Chinese Zodiac who can match Michael’s Horse-like animation.

5 Goat: Phyllis

Calm and gentle, compassionate and kind. These are the major hallmarks of those who were born in Years of the Goat. They are also the personality traits the exist within Phyllis!

Phyllis is such a sweet character. Yes, she does have the occasional streaks of darkness and vengefulness within her, but she also tries to lead with kindness until others give her a reason not to. That’s why Goats are soulmates for Phyllis. They’re also kind, but not afraid to advocate for themselves in a calm manner.

4 Monkey: Ryan

Ryan is a dreamer and a schemer, as a result of his sharp intelligence and general curiosity for the world around him. Most of the time, these attributes manifest in the most insufferable, toxic ways. Sometimes, Ryan is shown to be genuinely talented.

Either way, B.J. Novak’s Ryan is a match for those from the Year of the Monkey. The sharpness can only be handled by similarly sharp people and the curiosity of Monkeys will counterbalance Ryan’s occasional lethargy.

3 Rooster: Oscar

Like Ryan, Oscar can sometimes be insufferable. His is just for different, more know-it-all type reasons, though. Furthermore, Oscar works way harder than Ryan and definitely has more self-awareness.

That’s what makes Oscar the soulmate of those from the Year of the Rooster. Roosters are also bold and observant and so they will be naturally drawn to Oscar’s more high-brow demeanor.

2 Dog: Angela

Even though Angela is a cat person, she’s a soulmate for Dogs because her loyalty is underrated. She may not be forgiving for that many people, but once some find their way into her heart, they are never kicked out.

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On top of loyalty, Dogs are also known for their straight-forward behavior and utmost honesty at all times. Sometimes, Angela’s honest goes too far, but it’s always present for Dogs to hold onto!

1 Pig: Kelly

Mindy Kaling’s Kelly is definitely a perfect match for the Pigs of the world. If one is born in the Year of the Pig, then they are thorough and empathetic.

At first, these might not seem like Kelly qualities, but look closer. She is always doing her job effectively when she has to and she has so much care in her heart for her friends and especially for Ryan. That’s why Pigs are soulmates for Kelly – because Kelly’s a Pig herself!

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