Valentine’s Week 2021 | From Rose Day to Kiss Day, all you need to know


Valentine’s Week 2021 | From Rose Day to Kiss Day, all you need to know

Valentine’s week is comprised of eight days.

Publish Date: Mon, 20 Jan 2021 01:19 PM IST

New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: The month of February is around the corner and it brings excitement into lover’s heart and anticipation of the Valentine week in particular. During the second week of February, i.e., from 7 to 14, the world will be celebrating the Valentine’s week, beginning with Rose Day. Each day has a special significance. There are a total of eight days to make every moment with your partner unforgettable. So if you are eager to know the details of each day or waiting for your partner to greet on each day don’t forget to remind him/her in case your partner forgets.

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Rose Day:

Rose day will begin on February 7, 2021. On this you can give red rose to your partner as a token of love. Roses are of different colours and each colour represents different meanings. Red rose represents love and romance while yellow means friendship. White rose represent the beginning of marriage.

Propose Day:

It is the second day of the valentine week. Propose day is considered as the most romantic day of this week because lovers get a chance to confess love to their partners. The day holds special importance for singles too as they can tell their feelings to someone they love.

Chocolate Day:

The chocolate day will be celebrated on February 9. Chocolates in form of sweets makes your bond special with partner. You can gift her a basket of chocolates like Ferrero Rocher or Cadbuary. Add flowers to the bakset to make it look good.

Teddy Day:

Teddies are cutest soft toys that is loved by almost every girl. The bigger your teddy, the more appreciation you will receive. Try to give her a big teddy and forget about your budget in the valentine week.

Hug Day:

Celebrated on February 12, Hug day provides beautiful, warm expression of love and comfortable hug that speaks more than words. It can drive away your partner’s all problems in the world and make ’em you feel loved.

Kiss Day:

The day is all about giving kisses to each other and make your bond stronger. It is the second last day of the valentine week.

Valentine’s Day:

It is the last day of the valentine week where you take your partner for a romantic meal or arrange a stay for a night at a hotel. The day is meant for joy, celebrating love and spending quality time with your partner.

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