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Someone wants you to send him a letter!

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A Special Message From EB
About the Virus

I know everyone is a little scared about the Corona virus. I know my friends and I are.

It is ok if the virus makes you a bit afraid or sad. That is normal. But you should talk to someone if it does. It will help you feel better.

You can talk to your parents or friends. If you don’t have anyone you can talk to you, my dear friend Santa Claus has a webpage of people you can talk to. I hope you’ll call them if you need to. They are waiting to hear from you!

You don’t have to worry about me. The virus doesn’t hurt bunnies. I also checked and I cannot spread the virus. I am still being extra careful though. I’m washing my paws lots, staying away from everyone I can and wearing special clothes. It is far better to be safe than very sorry!

I’ve been given special permission to make Easter deliveries this year too. So, don’t worry about me. But I do know there may be homes I can’t go to this year because of the virus. I am very sorry. But, I hope those people will understand and remember that I do still love them very much.

Lastly, I hope you will think of the 10,000’s of people who won’t have their loved ones with them for any more Easters.

Please make smart choices and stay safe and healthy! I’ll be thinking of you!

– EB

EB (that’s the Easter Bunny in case you didn’t know that already) and his good friend Rudy decided to have a little fun. They came up with a way so that you can write one of your fav animal friends! So go ahead and send a letter to your fav animal friend!

Someone wants you to send him a letter!

Thank you for your wonderful messages to the Easter Bunny and the World!
The Easter Bunny is back home now.
Make sure to come back Easter’s Eve 2021 to read and share wonderful messages with people all over the World, right here!
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