Top 10 Awards Banquet Ideas | MTM Recognition | Employee Appreciation

Top 10 Awards Banquet Ideas | MTM Recognition | Employee Appreciation

Top 10 Awards Banquet Ideas | MTM Recognition | Employee Appreciation


Updated: November 2021

It’s that time of year again – AWARDS BANQUETS! It’s the best kind of recognition – in front of and with your co-workers.

At the end of the year, employees have worked millions of hours combined and as a culture, we like to celebrate after a job well done. It’s also a good time to set goals and get your workforce excited and engaged as you look to the upcoming year.

What makes a great banquet? The awards and core values reinforced, of course. But a great theme where everyone participates and enjoys the event will ensure it’s a memorable event for everyone.

As an experienced provider of employee recognition programs (and banquet awards) for over 47 years, we have seen some of the best awards banquets in the industry!

To help your celebration be the best it can be, here are some of our favorite banquet ideas:

BBQ awards banquet themeBBQ/Picnic- Seemingly easy and relatively cost-effective. This idea provides a casual setting for employees to feel comfortable while enjoying delicious barbecue.

Beach awards banquet theme Beach/Island-Everyone loves vacation! This theme helps make a fun environment where everyone can “escape” for a night. Pair food and drinks that fit with the theme and you are set.

Casino awards banquet themeCasino– Having games and prizes adds a unique element of entertainment to a typical awards banquet. Casinos are fun and flashy, and this theme makes it easy to please the “full house”.

20's awards banquet themeDecades– Sock hops, the roaring 20’s, leisure suits, or anything of your choice! This theme allows for total creativity and everyone to choose their favorite decade. Have a costume contest to add an element of entertainment to the regular awards given out.

Mardi gras awards banquet themeMardi Gras-Who doesn’t love a good ol’ Cajun party? When you think of Mardi Gras you immediately think of fun and this helps employees lighten up outside of the workplace.

Nautical awards banquet themeNautical-This theme is fun for those who are on the ocean or lake when they’re away from the office. Having your banquet at a boathouse would add a nice touch to your celebration and a unique experience.

New York awards banquet themeNew York City-One of the country’s biggest tourist attractions is the City that Never Sleeps. Recreate the place where everyone wants to be and celebrate your employees New York style!

Oscars awards banquet themeOscars/Grammys– Imitating a famous awards show provides a fantastic theme for your organization’s awards banquet. It’s nice to see co-workers in attire other than the regular “business casual”. Roll out the red carpet and show your employees you appreciate their “star” quality.

Patriotic awards banquet themePatriotic– You can’t go wrong with red, white and blue, and make Uncle Sam proud at the same time. This theme would fit well if your awards banquet is a barbecue, luncheon or picnic style. The theme would also serve well to recognize veterans or any military personnel within your organization.

Olympics awards banquet themeSports/Olympics– Whether you dress up as your favorite team or player or celebrate sporting events this theme appeals to the masses. Employees are the champions of your company, give them a “gold medal” banquet.

Have any ideas to add? Tell us in the comments. Need additional help with your awards? Contact us.

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