The Chinese Zodiac Sign Most Likely To Be Your Soulmate, Based On Your Sign

The Chinese Zodiac Sign Most Likely To Be Your Soulmate, Based On Your Sign

The Chinese Zodiac Sign Most Likely To Be Your Soulmate, Based On Your Sign

In a world of roughly seven billion people, the idea that there’s just one person who’s absolutely perfect for you out there is both wonderfully romantic and incredibly daunting. Who could blame you for wanting to improve your odds of finding your soulmate a bit? Chinese zodiac signs are one fun and fascinating way to narrow down your search.

The Chinese zodiac has been around for thousands of years, according to Time. And while you may only know the animal that represents the year you were born, it actually goes much deeper than that. Everyone actually has four signs — one for the hour, day, month, and year of your birth. Psychic Science explained that these are called the Four Pillars of Destiny. I spoke with Lydia Nitya Griffith, a Feng Shui consultant and master Chinese astrologer, who explained that it makes more sense to compare day signs when you’re looking at compatibility. You can figure out your Four Pillars using a calculator like this one, and you can scope out your potential soulmate’s sign if you know the time and date they were born.

Here are the 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac, and the sign which gives each of them a great shot at finding happily ever after.


When a rat and an ox get together, they’re pretty much unstoppable, per Your Chinese Astrology. “Ox is very persevering and headstrong. They push through any kind of challenge, says Griffith. “The rat is very intelligent and very smart, so they kind of work together in that way. They can be very successful together and acquire a lot of wealth.” These two might be the definition of ‘power couple.’

Those born with an ox sign may not seem to have much in common with roosters are first glance, but their differing personalities may make them the perfect fit. “The ox is very hard-working, very dedicated,” says Griffith. “The rooster is very flamboyant, and likes to talk and, likes to be center-stage… I think they work well together, partly because the rooster doesn’t have to compete for the ox’s attention. The ox allows them to have the limelight.”

Tigers and horses are a great match, according to Griffith. “That is a very fun pairing. The tiger and horse are both very independent people, so they both need their space. But at the same time, they’re very dynamic personalities. The horse is very passionate and spontaneous and the tiger feeds off that energy.”

A rabbit and a pig are likely to have a super chill relationship — no drama, and no stress. “The rabbit is all about everybody getting along,” says Griffith, and the pig is, too. “I kind of think of them sitting on the back porch, sipping margaritas. No big fanfare, no big to-do, just a very quiet couple.”


If you were born a dragon, you might want to find a monkey to couple up with. “They would be very social and very creative together,” Griffith says. Monkeys and dragons could also have fun exploring new places and experiencing new adventures together, according to Astrology K. Sounds like these two will have the time of their lives with each other.

A snake and a rooster are most likely to be a case of opposites attract. “The snake is very behind the scenes,” Griffith says, “But they admire the rooster, because the rooster likes to take center stage and is flashy and loud.” While the snake basks in the reflected glow of the spotlight that always seems to be shining on the rooster, the rooster in turn is grounded by the snake. “Rooster really appreciates the wisdom and intuitive sense of the snake.”

Those born with a horse sign tend to be passionate and popular, according to YourChineseAstrology. But they may find a lover capable of holding their interest if they look for someone with a dog sign. “The dog is very protective of the horse, because the horse is a bit of a wild thing,” Griffith explains. “The dog kind of tames the horse a bit.”

A sheep and a rabbit could be the type of couple thats all their friends envy. “The sheep is the peacemaker of the Chinese zodiac. They’re very chilled out,” Griffith says, and the rabbit’s the same way. These two are definitely not going to be getting into blow up fights. “They’re this perfect, very quiet little couple.” But that doesn’t mean they’ll be boring, notes Griffith. “The sheep adds a little sensuality to spice things up, so it’s not too quiet.”


There will never be a dull moment between a monkey and a dragon. These two are just made to live the high life together. “They’ll be very active, full of charisma, very confident, lots of social activity, ” Griffith says. They’re the kind of couple that’s bound to make everyone they know jealous with their glamorous adventures.

A rooster may find that all their needs are met when they’re paired up with an ox. “Rooster really likes the limelight, so whoever they wind up with needs to give them their full audience, and no competition,” Griffith says, and an ox is up to the job. Oxen are also hard-working and detail oriented, and a rooster will relish their partner’s ability to keep their lives running smoothly.

Dogs and tigers can make very happy couples, according to Griffith. “The tiger is a little bit of a rascal and can be a little mischievous,” she says. Anyone in a relationship with a tiger is going to have to be the patient and understanding type, and a dog certainly is. But don’t think that the tiger is going to end up walking all over the dog. “There’s a lot of mutual respect for each other’s values and temperament,” Griffith says.

A pig and a sheep make an amazing couple for one very important reason: they always have each other’s backs. “They both encourage each other, support each other, they’re very carefree,” Griffith says, “They create together a very comfortable, warm home.” If anyone’s got a great shot at a fairy tale love affair, it certainly seems like it’s these two.

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