Thanksgiving Trivia Questions & Answers

Thanksgiving Trivia Questions & Answers

Thanksgiving Trivia Questions & Answers

Parable Parade Card Game


Download, print and cut up the Thanksgiving Trivia Question Cards.
Questions are divided into 5 categories: (1) All About Turkeys, (2) History, (3) Movies and TV, (4) Random Facts and (5) U.S. Presidents.

Thanksgiving Trivia Cards


Download and print the Thanksgiving Trivia Board.

Thanksgiving Trivia Board


How to Play Thanksgiving Trivia

All players sit in a circle.
Place the Thanksgiving Trivia Board in the middle of the playing area.
Place the Thanksgiving Trivia Question Cards on the Board according to the categories indicated.

Before you begin, decide how you would like the game to end:
1. Based on time (for example, after 30 minutes)
2. Based on score (for example, once any player scores 20 points)
3. Based on number of rounds (for example, when everyone has answered 10 questions)

This Thanksgiving Trivia Game is unique as everyone is involved at the same time.
For each question, there will be someone answering the question (the Answerer) while the player on the left reads it (the Asker). All the other players are Guessers who can score points by correctly guessing whether the Answerer is right or wrong.

(For each question, all the players except the Asker has a chance to score points.)

The youngest player begins and will be the first Answerer.

For each question:
1. The Answerer rolls the dice to determine the question’s category:

(1) All About Turkeys
(2) History
(3) Movies and TV
(4) Random Facts
(5) U.S. Presidents
(6) Answerer gets to choose

2. The Asker (player on the left of the Answerer) draws the top card of that pile and reads the question aloud. If there are no remaining cards in that pile, the Answerer gets to choose any of the remaining categories.

3. After the question is read, Answerers indicate their answer by placing their token on either A, B, C or D on the Thanksgiving Trivia Board. Once the token is placed, Answerers cannot change their answer.

4. The question then becomes open to all the Guessers. Guessers will indicate whether they agree or disagree with the Answerer by placing their tokens on either Agree or Disagree on the Thanksgiving Trivia Board. (To avoid confusion, each player should have a unique token.)

5. The Asker reveals the correct answer after all Guessers have placed their tokens.

Award 2 points to the Answerer for every correct answer.
Award 1 point to each Guesser who guessed correctly.



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Bible Lesson – Thanksgiving: Jesus Cleanses Ten Lepers 

1. Did you enjoy this game?
2. Can you think of other Thanksgiving trivia to include in this game?
3. Do you celebrate Thanksgiving? Who do you usually celebrate Thanksgiving with? How do you celebrate?

Thanksgiving Day is a good time for us to reflect on and give thanks for all the things that we are thankful for. (But we don’t have to wait for Thanksgiving Day to give thanks!)

4. What is that best thing that has happened in your life that you are most thankful for?
5. What are some other smaller things in your life that you are also thankful for?

Some of us may be better off than others. Some may be richer. Some healthier. Some smarter. Etc.
But whatever our life circumstances may be, there are always things that we can be thankful for.

Luke 17:11-19

6. In verse 12, how many lepers approached Jesus?
7. What did Jesus do for these lepers?
8. How many lepers did Jesus heal?
9. How many lepers thanked Jesus for what He did?

Jesus performed the same miraculous healing for 10 lepers, but only 1 leper thanked Jesus and praised God for the miracle.
While most of us have never experienced a miraculous healing, all of us have received many other blessings from God.

10. Have you encountered anyone who regularly says “thank you”, whether to the people around them or to God? Tell us about these people.
11. Have you encountered anyone who regularly complains about things? Tell us about these people.
12. Are you more like the first “thankful” group or the second “complaining” group of people? Tell us more.
13. Do you prefer to be around the first “thankful” group or the second “complaining” group of people? Tell us more.
14. Why is it good to be more like that “thankful” group?

Read 1 Thessalonians 5:18
15. What does this verse tell us to do?
16. Why is it important for us to give thanks in all circumstances?

Whatever our life circumstances may be, there are things that we can be thankful for.
It is important that we have a thankful heart and regularly say “thank you” to God and to the people around us. It makes us a happier person, and it makes us more pleasant to be with. Most importantly, it makes God happy!

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