Thanksgiving Party Games for Adults

Thanksgiving Party Games for Adults

Thanksgiving Party Games for Adults

Thanksgiving is a special time where family and friends gather to celebrate all the things they’re thankful for. Below you’ll find a variety of Thanksgiving game ideas for engaging your guests over the party and make it a memorable one!

Thanksgiving Dinner “I Ate”

All the players sit in a circle. The first player starts by saying, “At my Thanksgiving dinner I ate turkey.” The player sitting next to him must repeat this and add another dish to his sentence like “At my Thanksgiving dinner I ate turkey and bread stuffing.” The third player sitting just next to the second one should also repeat it and add yet another dish to the sentence like “At my Thanksgiving dinner I ate turkey, bread stuffing, and pumpkin pie.” The game continues with each player adding a new dish to the menu after first listing all the previous items in the exact order they were first said. If a player makes a mistake he drops out and the player sitting next to him has to repeat the sentence and add a new dish to it. The game continues until there is just one mnemonic expert left.

Share that Personal Thanksgiving Story

Have fun on the Thanksgiving Day with your friends and family in a different way by personalizing the Thanksgiving story. Ask all the players to sit in a circle. Then ask each of them to tell a personal story or event when they thanked the God for his blessings. The player who has told the most interesting story should be awarded with a prize.

Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever a Fun Party Card Game – Age 17+

Never Have I Ever is the ultimate party game for laughing with friends about the crazy lives you’ve lived. Perfect for a group of close friends who have known one another for a long time.

Paring Apples

This is a simple game that can make the task of peeling apples a lot more fun! You’ll need apples, as well as paring knives for adults and safety peelers for children. The object of the game is simple — the person who peels the longest unbroken length of apple skin is the winner!

Party Game

PlayMonster Insanity Party Game About Crazy Relatives

Featured on and played by the Tonight show starring Jimmy Fallon, Rachael Ray show and more! It’s a hilarious game about crazy family members and even crazier situations-perfect for game nights with close friends and family!

Ring Toss Game

3 Pack Inflatable Reindeer Antler Ring Toss Game for Thanksgiving

Brings lots of laughs, people couldn’t wait for their turn to try their hands on. Perfect for all ages to enjoy from kids to elders.

Family Story Hour

This isn’t so much a game as it is an activity. Each family member can take turns telling a story of their choosing that has something to do with family history. These stories can be funny, embarrassing or heartfelt. Another idea is to create a story. One person will say the first line, and each family member will add the next sentence.

Broom Dancing

This simple game needs only a broom to be played! Each person will perform their own individual broom dance. The next person must replicate their dance exactly. This is fun because you can easily come up with some crazy movements for the next player to copy. Plus, it’s more challenging than it looks to copy someone’s exact movements. A camcorder is a must for this fun Thanksgiving family game!

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