Team Spirit Craft Ideas

team spirit craft ideas

Team Spirit Craft Ideas

Create these team spirit signs

team spirit craft ideas

Here are some sample team spirit craft ideas your booster club or cheerleaders can make for the team to boost team spirit.  We started this tradition with our girls Field Hockey team by creating these small signs and hanging them on their house doors or school lockers before each game.  They were a huge success and other booster clubs took this idea for spirit signs and used them for their own sport as well as even the booster parents for the annual spring musical.  You can easily adapt these spirit sign slogans to any sport. These are so simple and inexpensive to make but sure work to spread the spirit before the games! On these team spirit craft ideas we attached a small package of Pop Rocks candy to further the theme!

Here are some others we made during one of our seasons.  These spirit signs are so fun to decorate the players team lockers the day before the game.  We live in a small town and were able to actually make these and ring and run the players homes the night before the game.  See how used these team spirit craft ideas for that fun booster club activity!

football team spirit signs

team spirit sign slogans

These team pump up craft ideas can even be used to include a pre-game snack or water bottle. You could hand them out at practices of make bags for the bus trips to the game.  See how we did that with the spirit signs below

teram spirit craft ideas

team spirit booster ideas

creative team spirit craft idea

Here is one of the kids favorite spirit signs.. we have reused this for multiple seasons and make a great football spirit sign idea. You can take these slogans and ideas and create poster board sized signs to bring to the game too! It is always fun for the booster clubs to be able to raise team spirit in addition to the regular job of fundraising.  Our experience with both the girls and the guys prove that the kids are never too old to enjoy the fun of great school and team spirit ideas! Take a look at some more of our creative team spirit ideas here! We have done everything from personalized fan pins to team stadium cups!

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