Some fun team spirit ideas for your booster club

high school sports

Some fun team spirit ideas for your booster club

high school sports

Welcome to our section devoted to team spirit ideas! Your
child’s “team” can be whatever they are involved in. It could be a
sports team
, cheerleading, the marching band, the school musical, or their favorite
. Some of the most fun we had
and greatest friends we made came out of our work on these Booster Clubs.  Yes, fundraising is an important part of booster
clubs, but don’t let it be the only focus. Adding in some of these creative ideas are sure to boost team spirit as well as to create some fun for the kids. Read further to see all our ideas or use these links to get directly to what you need help with for team pump up slogans, planning the end of season awards dinner, team spirit party ideas, FUNdraising ideas, and community service ideas for your team.

Here are some of our favorite team spirit ideas!

team spirit ideas team pump up signs

Spread The Spirit… Ring and Run Your Team This one was the kids favorite team spirit idea.. yes, you will need to be a bit crazy to do it, but it was as much fun for the parents to make and do as for the team to receive. See what we left at their doors!

Fun team spirit craft ideas.. easy, inexpensive ideas for spirit signs that the booster clubs or cheerleaders can make to get everyone for the big games!

These ideas are all fun for the cheerleading squads too! They can
build spirit posting these signs and slogans all over the school!

Team Pump Up Ideas.. pump up team spirit
Our Celebration Suggestions community shares some of their own favorite
team “pump up” ideas
to get that school spirit going. Some fun, easy and
creative ideas to boost team spirit for student athletes… all shared
by our own experienced community members. Football team spirit signs
ideas, team spirit party ideas and more all inside this post.  

Our community shared some fun and creative slogans for  Foorball TEAM SPIRIT SIGNS  

spirit week ideas for high school

Ideas and slogans for your school’s team SPIRIT WEEK or Homecoming!

high school musicals

Team Spirit Ideas for High School Chorus and Glee Club Spirit and Fundraising Ideas 
Let’s not forget the spirit added by the High School chorus, glee clubs and Marching Bands.. some ideas to help them in this article.

How to plan an end of season team awards banquet

end of season awards banquet ideas

Ideas For Planning Your End of Season Team Awards Banquet Are you involved with planning the “end of season” dinner or awards banquet. Here are some helpful tips to organizing a fabulous celebration of your team’s season. 

Team spirit party ideas

high school sports spirit ideas

Throw a Team Tailgate Party Really get your team pumped up for a big game with this tailgate party idea filled with fun and creative team spirit ideas! 

Plan a pre-season team BBQ and add these fun group games
We planned a Family Olympics complete with a great array of fun team
games.. how great would it be to adapt these team spirit ideas for a pre-season picnic
or BBQ and have a blast building team spirit!

FUNdraising Ideas for your Booster Club

A Cupful of Fun.. Design Team Spirit Cups This idea is a good one for team spirit and can also serve as a team fundraiser… see how to make your own stadium cups.. just like at the pro games! 

Adorn your players and fans… Make personalized team pins
This was one of our personal favorite booster club projects.. team
pins.. you can make them for very little money and either gift them or
sell them! I still have mine as you will see in the article. 

How To Make Team TShirts No monies in your booster club budget for team t-shirts?? Make your own! Here’s how we did it for multiple sports. Our daughter’s field hockey t-shirt is still being worn if you can believe it! This was the logo on her team’s shirt that year. Best of all team shirts are a great high school FUNdraiser!

Work as a team to help others

community service ideas for high school

Help Your Team Earn Community Service Hours For College Sometimes it is tough for student athletes to get the necessary community service requirements fit into their high school schedule. Community service is an important part of their college application resume as well as important for them as people. See how you can work with the team to organize some great “give-back” events. 

Get Your Sports Team, Booster Club or Organization Involved With Helping Others Here is a wonderful idea to get the kids involved in giving back to their community. It can be organized and run by your team with some help from the parents and will teach them about the concept of philanthropy.

Any of your high school student/ athletes headed off to college?  Some great tips for navigating the College Search process.

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