Red-Letter Day Place Setting | Endlessly Inspired

Red-Letter Day Place Setting | Endlessly Inspired

Red-Letter Day Place Setting | Endlessly Inspired

It’s a red-letter day in our house. My little Con Man is officially a Kindergartener. 

con man busHe got on the bus and rode away from me this morning, all the while beaming from ear to ear. I, on the other hand, was bawling my eyes out. He just looked so little getting on that big ol’ bus! *sniff* 

On special days like this, we have a little tradition in our family that started back before I was even married. 

Red-letter Day Place Setting

At my bridal shower, one of my mom’s friends gave me a red plate, saucer and mug, along with a poem similar to the one below. It could have been this same one, but it was a long time and three kids ago, and I don’t remember. Stupid brain.

May today be one of many red-letter days
Times you’ll remember in so many ways
This gift is a tradition for you to start
A gift of love, straight from the heart
On days that are special that you’ll want to recall
Set out the red plate to celebrate it all
Honor the person and their great feat
On this special plate, let them joyously eat
It may be a birthday, promotion, good grade
A Little League win or wise choice that was made
May your years together as husband and wife
Bring you countless special days throughout your life
These wonderful times will come and go
Keep the red plate ready as your blessings flow

I loved the idea so much, I have used it as a shower gift several times since then. But it doesn’t need to be reserved just for shower or wedding gifts — I think it’s a great gift idea for a new mom, too. Or heck, buy it yourself and start your own tradition!

Fiestaware has a great 4-piece place setting in red, and I’ve seen similar items at Target and the one I got was from Pier 1.


Our kids get so excited when they get the red plate. We always use the red plates on birthdays, and as you saw above, we used it for Connor’s first day of Kindergarten today. D also got it for his first day of 3rd grade yesterday.

D 3rd gradeIt’s a really fun, easy tradition to start and a great way to celebrate the red-letter days in your life!

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