Rainbow Tea Party ideas

rainbow tea party centerpieces

Rainbow Tea Party ideas

If you are needing Rainbow Tea Party ideas, let’s start with What is a Rainbow Tea Party?
It is a Christian oriented gathering usually held by members of a
church. The room is decorated with tables themed in each color of the
rainbow. The individual colors have Biblical significance. The tables
are displayed with food, decorations or even crafts that are all in the
specific color. Many times Rainbow Teas are organized as a fundraiser
for the church.

rainbow tea party ideas

A captain is usually assigned a specific color and it is her
responsibility to work with her team to create an inviting table in that
color. Sometimes awards are given out to the best table. They can also
be family type gatherings with crafts, games and entertainment going on.
Everything on each table needs to be in the themed color of the table,
including the food. If it is a fundraiser, participants can buy a seat
at a certain table and eat there or purchase food items from various
tables. Each table usually has a unique centerpiece in the color also.
These gatherings are fun-filled events that are usually highly attended.

rainbow tea party centerpieces

This cute DIY idea would be perfect for your Rainbow Tea table..
paint and decorate clay pots.. do them in your team’s color and add
flowers to match.. Click her to learn how to make this easy craft project.

rainbow tea party crafts

These small artificial
pumpkins would be such a great addition to a Rainbow
Tea Party for the colors orange, brown or yellow.. Take a look at how
you can make them for very little money and they are cute as can be.
You can learn how to decorate pumpkins for your own Rainbow Tea party.

rainbow tea party dessert idea

How about a beautiful balloon bouquet made out of cupcakes?  You could color the cupcakes in the color of your table or make a rainbow of all the colors and display it at the table.  This idea was used for a baby shower..but it would work wonderfully for a rainbow tea! See how to make this cupcake dessert idea.

Rainbow Tea Party Ideas from friends

Aug 05, 2010
Rainbow Tea Ideas

by: Mary Beth

We have done our church rainbow tea as a fundraiser and it has
always been a success. We sell the foods at each table through tickets.
Anything on the table is 2 or 3 tickets which are 50 cents each. We ask
our table captains to be sure and have the foods set up for portions. We
also have craft tables where the kids can make a craft for 2 tickets.
Then we have a beautiful craft table that is decorated in all the colors
of the rainbow that displays crafts made by our talented ladies that
are for sale. We did one last fall and for orange, we had a pumpkin
decorating craft table and one of our members got all the pumpkins
donated! We have also had bead tables where you can make bracelets in
beads the color of the table. We have been successful in getting most of
the supplies for these donated so that whatever we make at the tea, the
church gets to keep.

Aug 03, 2012
Rainbow Tea Decoration Ideas

by: Cecila

Our annual Rainbow Tea party also serves as our fundraiser for the
church group. Last year our RED group used the site’s idea for decorating straw hats with red ribbons, flowers and more then string them
along your table. We then raffled them off during the party. It was a huge hit and everyone was buying our raffle tickets! Thanks Celebration Ideas Online

From Celebration Ideas Online: The hat decorating idea is posted below. Thanks Cecilia!

June 03, 2011
Rainbow Tea Ideas

by: Lizzie

We had Red too.  Our idea for a centerpiece was to fill a vase with clear
marbles and those red atomic fireballs, cinnamon candies and added some fresh roses.. it looked very pretty.  We used on sale remants from Valentines Day fabrics to cover our tables  insteaad of using plastic tableclothes. We trimmed with red ribbons, buttons, and lace. For
foods, red is easy – we did cherries, strawberries, fruit punch and our red velvet
cupcakes went quickly!

rainbow tea party idea

Here is the link to our decorating hats article.. you could do these no matter what color your Rainbow is!  So easy.. have all your team wear them, they could be centerpieces or even raffle off as our visitor above did!

Here’s another cute idea.. let your table FLOWER with color.. these hanging floral bouquets are so easy.. just a styrofoam ball and artificial flowers poked in.. dressed with a ribbon.. so they will work with any color!  You can even add some scented oil to make them a potporri! See how to make this Rainbow Tea Party Idea.

More Rainbow Tea Party Ideas… perfect for kids joining the celebration

rainbow tea party craft for kids

Look at this beautiful and easy Cross you can make. It would be a perfect a craft idea for kids for your rainbow tea celebration. We love that it is also so inexpensive, simply collect branches and then tie them together in the ribbon color of your table and add some artificial flowers in the same color!  So whatever color your table is, theme the cross with that color. You could also make an assortment of these and offer for sale as a fundraiser for your church group. See how to make this rainbow tea party idea here!

Bible trivia quiz

If children will be a part of your Rainbow Tea, here is a wonderful printable Bible Trivia quiz that would be a nice addition to the event. You download once and print as many copies as you need and keep the file forever for future parties.

If your group does an annual Rainbow Tea party, all be on the look out as each season ends for fun and inexpensive items.. think Green for St. Patrick’s day, Purple for Mardi Gras etc..  the fabric stores run sales on those whimsical seasonally colored fabrics after the holiday ends.. so a good time to buy and put away til its Rainbow Tea Party time! 

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