Not My Own: The Rainbow Tea Party

Not My Own: The Rainbow Tea Party

Not My Own: The Rainbow Tea Party

I have precious twin girls who just turned 6. 

Because the have a shared birthday party, I let them each decide what theme they want, and regardless of what those themes are, we make them into one party! 

For their 4th birthday, we had a Pink Pig Red Butterfly Party!

This year – A Rainbow Tea Party!

It’s important to me that my girls’ get to participate in the planning of their parties and help with some of the decorations.  This year they made the tissue paper rainbows (you’ll see a few more of those!)  and put together this welcome sign for our front door.

 One of my favorite places in our backyard is under our lemon tree.  It always casts the perfect shade in the afternoon, so naturally it was the perfect place to set up the tea table.

 There had to be a chandelier over the tea table! 

So I made one out of ribbon and colored wine charms.

When the little girls arrived, they selected a fancy hat to wear to the party.

The the little girls decorated their own cupcakes and placed a rainbow topper with their name in it.  They their cupcakes were placed on individual cupcake pedestals (one of my favorite things of the party!)

Outside they could make rainbow jewelry to get even more fancy!  And get a rainbow painted on their fingernail.  My mom used to paint fingernails at my birthday parties when I was little, so it was fitting that she was there to carry on the tradition!

By the way, my mom’s sweet head piece was her mothers!

After nails and jewelry making, it was tea time!

Our menu was simple:

pink lemonade (tea)

tea sandwiches –

turkey, ham, and pb&j

rainbow jello in wine glasses

petit rainbow fruit skewers

We had a brief intermission for Pin The Cloud On The Rainbow!

The birthday girls really wanted to play this game, so they planned the whole thing and made the lovely rainbow themselves!

Then we returned to the table for birthday cake and ice cream.

(I’m going to post this cake recipe on Monday – it was out of this world!)

Identical twin girls teach my son’s Sunday school class and in regards to the birthday, they asked me, “does each girl get her own song?”  “No,” I said, “We usually just sing ‘Happy Birthday’ once.”  They gasped and demanded that we sing twice and each girl get her own song!  So this year we started a new forever tradition – each girl gets her own song!

As each little girl was served her own decorated cupcake on the pedestal, they also were given ice cream in these crazy cute ice cream cone tea cups!  I saw them on pintrist and couldn’t resist!

Oh, white gloves were handed out with dessert too!

And then my favorite part of the party happened.  Completely on their own accord, all the little girls gathered on the grass and started dancing!  There were fancy dresses spinning all over and it was a scene of innocence, freedom and beauty.

I didn’t capture a photo of the favor bags, but the girls went home with their hats, gloves, rainbow jewelry, rainbow button candy and a rainbow colored water bottle.

It was a fancy, colorfull day!

Some details:

1.  plastic table cloths are amazing, inexpensive decorations!  I used them to cover our pool equipment fence (ruffled of course!) and they made a beautiful backdrop.

2.  I made the cupcake pedestals from candle stick holders from the dollar store, wooden discs from the craft store, paint and embellishments.  Easy and adorable.

3.  The ruffled rainbow table cloth – the truth is I saw it and loved it!  I bought the fabric knowing it would be way too much work to pull off for a non-sewer!  At 10pm the night before the party I had the brilliant idea to use my hot glue gun and not the sewing machine!

4.  I made the fancy party hats and can make them for you if you are interested.


I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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