New Year Songs, Tunes, Tracks, Mixes, Beats & Downloads

Happy New Year by corvette

New Year Songs, Tunes, Tracks, Mixes, Beats & Downloads

Happy New Year by corvette

Description : feel good holiday song just wrote yesterday so its very fresh. Please comments and suggestions always welcome?

NoFishTodaySir by cyberflares

Description : Happy new year Folks…..

Drums Xerceis dirtyheart Cyberflares
Bass Cyberflares
Guitar minor2go nofuk -0672759-0162730
Piano looperman-l-0672759-0229560-piano-86

FX Mixture of cyberflares & cymatics pack.

Sleepers by KenyanInMalaysia

Description : Happy New Year Looper community.
2021 was rough but we here now.
Creating tracks make my brain smile and hope yours will too.
Wish you all a great year.
Enjoy =)

**Feedback on the track will be highly appreciated**

Gimme Feat Patricia Edwards by BongiG

Description : Happy New Year every one! Enjoy with Patricia Edwards on vocals.

Happy new year by ritachattaoui

Description : Dedicate to Xstokes and Cyberflares but also
my best wishes for 2021 for all of you who always support me and listen to my (Bad or good) tracks.
Thank you!!!!

this ones for stokes there we did one together by blindwolf2

Description : specicial thanks to shaman and what he put into track bascaly shaman stokes and me i liked what herd spontainious reaction that took mins to make hope you like guys song by stokes and shaman lyricks by me cept for shawmans happpy new year every one 3 hrs to go oh by the way its just a song i dont realy do drugs at all i do like beer now and then im 50 afterall drug days long gone

palasso - malamu without acapella by klik1982

Description : In honor of the new year, I decided to post a soundtrack from the track malamu – a palasso without acapella … use whoever you need …
Happy New Year to everybody !!!

Death Of  Civilization by DijamMusic

Description : Guys, what a strange year it has been.
Anyhow, Happy new year to all.
I hope you enjoy it if you do then please leave me a comment.

2021 Happy by jozso

Description : Say goodbye to Rock from this year.
I wish everyone a Boldg New Year.

new year flex 3000 by blatnoySanchez

Description : D maj
154 bpm
contact me if u want to collab, follow me at soundcloud!

The Escape by KEDIAS

Description : trance with vocals ideal for the New Year’s party 20212021

Happy New Year 2021 by jozso

Description : I wish everyone a happy new year.


Description : Look ahead,next year have to be better

Amazing people by Shaman77

Description : Our congratulations on the upcoming New year, the track xstokes turned out to be some kind of meditation, and I also added a shamanic meaning to it, so after ten auditions, someone bad will become good, and someone just good will turn into a great one))

Wonder - All Together by Manu1978

Description : Unser 3. und letzter Weihnachtssong für dieses Jahr.

Frohe Weihnachten und ein schönes neues Jahr ! Bleibt gesund !

Liebe Grüße Manu Band
Our 3rd and last Christmas song for this year.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year ! Stay healthy !

Greetings Manu Band

Happy New Year 3333 by magicglobalelite

Description : Happy New Year
Hip-Hop Don’t stop

PRETENDERS by mbbremen

Description : Pretenders by Piscean Heart
The Vocals are here on Looperman!
Remix: LJ – mbbremen –

Have a good and happy new year. Stay healthy Looper-men and women! Love you!

Greetings from Germany
LJ – mbbremen –

Download not for commercial use!

HAPPY NEW YEAR by bmandersonn

Happy New Year by Jynxz

Description : This is my first track of the new year. I know it’s already March.LOL

Poker Life Joker Wife by BLEEP

Description : happy new year to all the looperman community!

here my last track! i wrote several tracks since my last passage in this place, i all published them on my soundcloud

Can follow me in this place here:

Verdiqo - Out Of Space - Instrumental by Verdiqo

Description : Hey everyone :),

It has been a while again once more since i made a new song. But here it is. The first song from me for 2021. Wish you all still a happy new year and lot of fun with creating new music and songs. I am looking forward to listen to all of your works again once more. This song is a classical house one. Enjoy and let me know in the comment section what you think of it.

new year trap by anuj79855

Description : this is a trap track.

I still have a dream by Alien

Description : Electro-pop
Original Mix
Could stay stuck in your head… 🙂

Happy new year!

Be Two Thousand And Twenty by FERSSIWI

Description : To start the new year off right, this well-paced track to charge up on energy and Happy listening and Happy New Year.

Balance - CAP - Prod by Kerano FULL SONG by tsochai

Description : Hope everyone had safe holiday celebrations

Its a new year but the same mission is in play
Stay true to your self
Thanks for your time, hope you enjoy

Track is produced by Kerano Music, unable to find where more of their work is located.

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