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Navratri Decoration Ideas | My Decorative

Navratri is celebrated in India to worship the feminine form of the “Shakti” that is power. Navratri means nine nights celebration. It celebrated the different auspicious forms of the “Goddesses called Maa.”

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The decoration of Navratri is supposed to be very traditional. Navratri is celebrated differently by different religions in India, but the essence is the same that it is the celebration of nine nights in love and devotion for the Goddess.

Like for example, the Bengalis in India are considered to celebrate Navratri as Durga Puja, and you must visit the city of Kolkata to experience the magnum beauty of the celebration of this festival.

Maa Durga

Majorly celebrations of the Durga Puja or Navratri as it is commonly called as happens to take place in local societies or many families such as neighbors of the area come together to celebrate it. Therefore there is a huge tent-like structure made under which the Durga Murti or Photo is worshipped. The place is decorated beautifully with the tent in colorful cloth, place lighted with many lights and Diya (Lamps) and the Goddess is adorned with super beautiful clothes and jewelry.

Coming back to decoration for Navratri at home here are some tips:

Navratri Home Decoration

Navratri has people decorating their Temples at home very beautifully. It’s cleaned, and the Gods and Goddesses are made to wear new clothes, jewelry, etc.

Garba Decorations

Keeping earthen pots which are decorated is part of Navratri décor. Earthen pots with Diya burning inside called “Garbo” is on the tradition in Gujarati Religion.

Also using the dry coconut on top of earthen pots issued for decoration.

Flower decoration gives a natural and authentic look.

A new concept of decorative thalis with hanging decoration is fantastic.

Making rangolis is a good idea. With new ready to stick rangolis available, it looks gorgeous too.

Durga Puja Home Decorating Design

Hanging a Toran at the Temple, entrance is considered to be excellent and auspicious as well.

Flower Rangoli Decoration

Diyas can be used to décor home and the entrance of the home.

Adding the electrical lighting to the temple and the home entrance is good.

On the tenth day, there is a celebration of the festival called Dusshera on this day you can hang garlands of yellow flowers and mango tree leaves at your home entrance, your temple, and vehicles.

Colors such as Red, Yellow, Green, and Orange are considered to festive colors of Navratri.

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