Matt sends good wishes for recovery for the new year

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Matt sends good wishes for recovery for the new year

Matt sends good wishes for recovery for the new year

Matt Brown of Alaskan Bush People sends his best wishes for 2022 and also shares some secrets of his recovery.

eldest son of The people of Alaska bushMatt Brown took to his social media to share his positive thoughts about the year ahead, which included a quick recovery video. As his followers know, Matt has been living on a farm alone and working on his own after spending some time in rehab. Even Billy and Amy Brown’s son spent Christmas alone while his family celebrated at North Star Ranch.

Since the Brown family left the Alaskan bush, a lot has changed for Matt. Fans learned that when he was still on the show, two women accused him of behaving inappropriately. Matt also revealed that he went into rehab due to his excessive drinking. Before Billy’s death in February, Matt was able to reconcile with his father despite accusing him and the producers of giving him drugs. In the months that followed, Matt appeared to be an outcast from the family, with fans noting that the current season did not show him mourning his siblings.

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Matt has been very active on his Instagram and often posts recovery videos to his followers. With 2022 coming around the world, Matt took some time to reflect on his own journey. Matt wishes his supporters a Happy New Year as he commented that it was only 5pm in Loomis. The reality star also shared that he was in the middle of watching a Star Trek marathon Matt plunged into the difficult topic of being a recovering addict during a celebration like New Year’s. Matt explained that while it can be difficult to stay on track, he doesn’t want to wake up on January 1st with regrets. Check out Matt’s video below:

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the The people of Alaska bush The star then shared that he would be working on keeping his head clean and strong. Environment, diet and exercise are some of Matt’s most important tools that help him stay successful in his journey. Although he joked that his house was a bit messy, he clarified that it was because he was editing his video. According to Matt, when his environment is chaotic, his mind is chaotic. Fans of the star seemed to relate to his message as they showed support in the comments section.

Akbar Brown spent Christmas alone after telling followers he didn’t want to spend time at North Star Ranch. Matt maintained his usual routine on Christmas Day, which consisted of getting up, making his bed, eating some food, and having a little rest and relaxation. The people of Alaska bush Viewers are happy to see Matt commit to his journey and hope to see him reconcile with his family soon.

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Source: Matt Brown / Instagram

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