M and B plus 3!: Christmas Bunco!

M and B plus 3!: Christmas Bunco!

M and B plus 3!: Christmas Bunco!

Allison and Elizabeth hosted Christmas bunco this year and it was so much fun! There was super yummy food, really good cranberry margaritas, and really good dirty Santa gifts! There is one necklace that I’m pretty sure all twenty of us will own in the next two weeks. So cute! It does come in several colors so maybe we won’t all look exactly alike!

Not sure why these pictures are super tiny…..
My Dirty Santa gift! I’m two for two this year for Dirty Santa gifts! I really love both gifts I’ve received! I’m a little worried about my gift giving though. No one wanted the scarf I brought! ha I thought it was really cute but I’m not sure that anyone else did! It never got stolen! I’ll try harder next year!
Oh and before I left for bunco I fed all of the babies so all B would have to do was put them in bed. I was feeding Knox carrots and peas. He sneezed three times in a row. I was covered! Thanks Knox and sorry girls if I smelled funny!
I need to give a shout out to B! He kept the babies all by himself two nights in a row so I could go out! This is a big deal for him! He usually calls my mom to come over for backup but she was unavailable so he was on his own this time! Thanks B!

B holding almost sixty pounds of babies! Macho Man!

The first night be called me before I made it out of the neighborhood to ask me how to make a bottle… He muttered something about me trying to sabotage him… ha

The second night I caught him giving Brooks Tylenol before I even left the house. He claimed he had a fever and then he was like, “Oh I think his teeth are hurting him.” The kid hadn’t made a peep all day! Tylenol is B’s secret weapon! I think he gives them all a big dose so they will go to sleep early! This of course drives me crazy because I’m not a big fan of medicine but, whatever!

Thursday I came home and noticed Ava was asleep with bare feet. B had put preemie socks on her.. The girl has huge feet like her mommy anyway so they basically covered her big toe! ha

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