Letter from Santa Free Printable

North Pole Letterhead Free Printable - a fun way to give the gift of self esteem to your little ones! From overthebigmoon.com!

Letter from Santa Free Printable

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A printable North Pole Letterhead for you to print and have a Letter from Santa come to your little ones during the Holidays or in their stocking on Christmas morning! Available in two different versions.

Printable Letterhead for Santa with a letter from Santa.

This Printable Santa Letter is perfect for to use anytime during the Christmas season!

We like to include a letter from Santa in our kids stockings! To make it more believable, I sent out an e-mail to their teachers at school, Grandparents and my friends, asking them if they saw one of my kids do something nice to please e-mail me back. That way there would be things in the letter that Mom and Dad wouldn’t know about.

Printable North Pole Letterhead


When I started this tradition years ago, I designed this printable letterhead to use year after year! I offer it in 2 versions and it’s available to download below!

North Pole Letterhead Free Printable - a fun way to give the gift of self esteem to your little ones! From overthebigmoon.com!

Items Needed:


Download the file below!

You can print the letterhead of your choice and handwrite your letter or import the file into an editing program and add the letter text prior to printing. I generally choose the white background file and print it on Parchment Cardstock.

I am so excited for them to read these on Christmas! The best gift we can give our children comes from a feeling inside and not objects. Even though our older kids will know it’s from us, I know it will make them really happy to know that we hear the good things they do, even when he’s not at home.

Santa Letterhead printed at home.


It’s really fun to write a letter as Santa! Here is an example letter to get the ideas rolling for you!Example Letter to a child from Santa.

Then I rolled it up, tied it with a ribbon and delivered them in their stockings Christmas Eve! I am going to start a binder that I keep all the past letters from Santa in so they can read them every year.


Click the link below to download the 2 different letterheads as PDF’s!

The stationary even has a fun little Santa Claus stamp on the bottom right hand corner! I also bought this Santa stamp off of Amazon that I like to stamp my letters with!

Santa Claus stamp on a free printable North Pole Letterhead! From overthebigmoon.com!

Santa Stamp laying on the Santa letterhead.

I’ve had comments asking about the Carrot Wreath that is referenced in my letter. I saw it on How Does She and we always put one out on Christmas Eve.

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