How to Decorate with Hats!

How to Decorate with Hats!

How to Decorate with Hats!

In the master bedroom of my first home, I had a collection of hats populating one wall. I loved the look and often wonder why I haven’t recreated it in my current home. While reminiscing I thought it’d be fun to gather some inspirational pictures showing how to decorate with hats.

Decorate with hats by putting them on display in an entrywayPhoto by Emily Griffin Design


The entryway is an obvious place to decorate with hats. Whether propped on hooks or nailed to the wall, inside a door is a common place to display hats.

Straw hats on coat hooks in an entrywayPhoto by Kara Rosenlund


Straw hats on display in a mudroomPhoto by Neumann Lewis Buchanan Architects


Arrangement of Straw Hats Inside Front DoorPhoto by Crisp Architects


How to Decorate with Hats in Victorian EntrywayPhoto by red.


Of course, the entryway isn’t the only place where you can decorate with hats. I had them in my bedroom, but how about the dining room? Here, wooden clothespins hold hats on rope to create a unique wall decoration.

Eclectic Dining Room with Wall of HatsPhoto by Severine Piller Design LLC


With farmhouse style being popular, you’ll see a lot of straw hats on walls. But why not group a whole mix of hat styles for a fun statement wall?

Variety of Hat Styles on Hallway Wall Photo by

Decorate with hats by lining them on an open shelf.

Straw Hats on an Open ShelfPhoto by Rizzoli New York


A pair of matching hats fill a narrow wall in a gray bathroom, which goes to show you can decorate with hats almost anywhere.

Hats on a Wall in the BathroomPhoto by Simon Eldon Photography Ltd

I lined a wall in my bedroom with hats, but I kind of like this lone sombrero hanging off-center above the bed.

How to decorate with hats in a bedroomPhoto by BraytonHughes Design Studios


You can decorate with hats simply by placing them on a hat stand.

A pair of hats on a hat stand in a bedroomPhoto by Dreamy Whites


Don’t forget about the wall about your pup’s bed. He can have his own hat collection on display!

Dog Hats on the Wall above the Dog BedPhoto by Nanette Wong

I sometimes have nostalgic feelings about my first house and how it was decorated. Do you ever wish you could move back into a former home?


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