History of Thanksgiving Worksheets and Unit Study Resources

History of the First Thanksgiving: Unit Study Resources and Free Printables

History of Thanksgiving Worksheets and Unit Study Resources

During the week of Thanksgiving, my children and I usually take a break from our regular school subjects and study about the history of Thanksgiving.  I call it ‘Thanksgiving School.’

That’s a very creative name, isn’t it?! 🙂

I try to make it fun and have everything we do revolve around Thanksgiving history – worksheets, matching games, reading, and even science!

But having a Thanksgiving Week takes a little planning!

I’ve compiled a list of resources that I’m using in our homeschool to study that First Thanksgiving.  Hopefully you can use them in your own homeschool also.

NOTE: This post was originally published in November 2012! It needed updating terribly, as did the free printables! Make sure you download those and have a fun Thanksgiving School in your own home!

History of the First Thanksgiving: Unit Study Resources and Free Printables

 Children’s Books on the History of Thanksgiving

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Our Favorite Books About History of Thanksgiving

We’ll read through several books during the week of Thanksgiving, including many of these:

Videos on the History of Thanksgiving

Watch how I plan our entire History of Thanksgiving unit study in this video!

How to Plan a Simple Unit Study plus a free unit study planning packet

While I’ve personally viewed each of these videos to determine if their content is appropriate, make sure you view them before your children to make sure they’re appropriate for your household.

The First Thanksgiving Story

Bet You Didn’t Know: History of Thanksgiving

History of Thanksgiving Day

Free Worksheets on the History of Thanksgiving

This group of worksheets will be used in our own homeschool during the week of Thanksgiving.  Feel free to download it and use it in your own homeschool!

In this 12-page group of worksheets you’ll find:

  • Fill-in-the-blank with simple answers
  • Cut & Paste definitions (set of 5)
  • Writing Prompt Notebooking Page
  • Word Search (horizontal lines only)
  • Then and Now Thanksgiving Dinner –
  • Thanksgiving History Mystery Code
  • Copywork Page of Lincoln’s Proclamation in 1863

All Access Pass

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Don’t miss these Thanksgiving Worksheets and Printable Packets!

Download Thanksgiving Worksheets here:




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