Grandma-to-be shower

Grandma-to-be shower

Grandma-to-be shower

Celebrate the Grandma-to-be with these fun and useful Grandmother Shower Ideas

grandma shower ideas

The Grandma-to-be shower, more commonly called a Grandma Shower,
is a new trend and a wonderful way to celebrate the joy and excitement
of an impending grandbaby. This idea will help get your favorite first time Grandmother ready to have babies back in her life. In addition it is a great reason for a girlfriends get together!

grandma to be shower

Throwing a baby shower for grandma is a unique baby shower idea. The idea is simple, gather her closest friends and plan a grandma baby shower to help stock her house with some baby items so she will be ready to welcome her new grandchild. Less is more; the baby shower for grandmother should not outshine the baby shower for the mom. Keep it casual, make it intimate and get creative with your shopping. Here are some ideas and etiquette for throwing a grandma shower.

Grandma-to-be Shower Etiquette

• Grandma doesn’t have a registry

• This is not in lieu of the expectant mother’s baby shower

• Keep it small

• Keep it simple. Don’t go overboard with decorations and favors. This isn’t a traditional shower so the traditional elements don’t need to be in place

• Invite the mother to be and explain the idea to her in advance. You may even ask her what would be most helpful to her when stocking grandma’s house!

Ideas for a Grandma-to-be Shower

• Think of the essentials for grandma may need to have at her house. Think big, bulky items that are hard to pack up and would be easier for mom if they were already there like one of these: stroller, crib or pack n play, highchair, car seat, bouncy seat etc.

• Go in on a group gift and have everyone chip in.

• OR..Get thrifty, shop for gently used items to keep costs down and get more for your money by looking at local garage sales, on EBAY and on Craig’s List

• Have a “book shower” where everyone is asked to bring their favorite children’s book to start grandmas very own library.

• Keep costs down and make it a potluck or have it out at her favorite casual restaurant

• Here is a great link for fun Printable Grandma Baby Shower Games

• Here are 3 new Grandmother Gift Ideas would be oh so welcomed too!

Gift your first time Grandmother with a beautiful new tradition. You can design this Grandmothers bracelet at Pearls by Laurel
using the birthstone pearls of her children and her new grandchild.
Love that Laurel will handle adding new pearls as needed. You send the
bracelet back, tell her what new birthstone and where you want it placed
and for $4.00 your bracelet grows with your family. See the ones we ordered!

christmas gift idea for grandmothers

Here is the perfect gift for your favorite Grandma to be.. her own wooden sign, announcing that This Grandma is Fabulous.. cutest way ever to celebrate her new status! Comes wrapped for giving with this adorable personalized gift tag.

grandma shower

Learn how to make a diaper cake.. a practical gift for the Grandma-to-be!  It can be a gift and your decoration or centerpiece all at the same time. Grandma gets a supply of diapers and some cute baby toys for her house!

advice for grandparents

One of our favorite sites for Grandparents is  Grandparenting Essentials.  This resource is loaded with so much helpful advice including babyproofing your home.. yes, the babies will be visiting and it needs to be safe.  It is a top rated site that covers all you need and want to know about grandparenting! 

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