What is Halloween Ghosting?
Get an early jump on all the joy and excitement of Halloween this year by going “ghosting.” Halloween ghosting, also known as “boo-ing,” is a great holiday tradition that can be a lot of fun for everybody.
The best time for ghosting is just after dark, a day or two before Halloween.

Ghosting usually involves a “ghost” and a responsible adult anonymously leaving a small bag of wrapped candy treats or small Halloween novelties and a

“You’ve Been Ghosted!” notice on the doorstep of a neighbor or friend. That neighbor in turn makes up a small bag of Halloween goodies and anonymously leaves it on the doorstep of another neighbor or
friend, and so on. 

Once “ghosted,” the “You’ve Been
Ghosted!” notice is usually hung on the door or displayed in the window to let everybody know not to “ghost” that house again.

CAUTION: When sneaking around the neighborhood in the dark be sure to carry a flashlight and
watch your step. Have fun, but be safe!

Print out a
“You’ve been Ghosted!”
notice here

You've Been Ghosted Notice

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great Halloween tradition!

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