Bridal Shower Poem with Gift Idea


Bridal Shower Poem with Gift Idea

My daughter-in-law to be received a lovely bridal shower candle gift with a poem from a friend’s grandmother. This gift with candles to celebrate important events throughout a marriage would be easy to make yourself for a bridal shower gift for a granddaughter bride or newlywed. The included poem explains the meaning of each of the 9 pairs of candles. This bridal shower gift that is meant to last through the newly married couple’s 25th wedding anniversary!

What you need:

  • 1 rectangular basket slightly longer than the candles
  • white lace for 1 pair of candles and basket wrapping
  • 1 pair of candle holders
  • pairs of tapered candles in the following colors:
    • white
    • mauve (longer and thinner)
    • red
    • navy
    • pink
    • cream
    • sage green
    • light blue
    • any color

What to do:

  • Wrap the white candles in lace and place them in the middle of the basket
  • Lay the other pairs of candles along side the white ones
  • Copy and paste the poem in Word, changing the font as desired
  • Print and place the poem on top of the candles
  • Wrap the basket in the lace
  • Pull up the sides of the lace and wrap in white ribbon and tie a bow


A Basket of Candles

A basket of candles that come in a pair,
of all different colors, for you two to share.

The white ones burn first, they are wrapped in white lace,
to celebrate the first night in your new chosen place.

The mauve pair is taller, and thinner,
they burn with your first company over for dinner.

They are candles to burn Christmas Eve, before bed,
your first Christmas married, that’s why they’re red.

The navy candles are for your first fight;
use them to burn when making up all night.

Pink candles will set the mood and pave the way
for your very first married Valentine’s Day.

Now when your first year of marriage is through,
the cream anniversary pair will light for you two.

By this time we hope maybe, just maybe,
you could burn the sage green ones on the birth of your baby.

And just when you thought you could put these away;
take the light blue ones for your fifth anniversary day.

Now just one pair left for the big “25”,
the anniversary pair that will keep your love alive.

So congratulations both of you on the start of your “forever”,
may the two of you always be happy together.

And burn these candles just like I said,
but please don’t forget…blow them out before bed!

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