Bridal Shower Gift Idea that brides love! It starts a family tradition

bridal shower gift

Bridal Shower Gift Idea that brides love! It starts a family tradition

bridal shower gift

Here’s a unique bridal shower gift idea that will
stay with the bride for years to come.  It is the gift of The Red Plate, which is both a gift and the start of a family tradition. We have given the Red Plate so many times and it is always loved!  It is a beautiful reminder to celebrate all the events
that make life special
. Over a 100 years ago American immigrants brought a tradition from Europe
to the United States. The Red
Plate would be used to serve dinner to honor a special guest, a joyous
occasion or acknowledge a person’s good fortune. It could be as simple
as a bountiful harvest, a birthday, milestone in life or a happy event.
The plate was handed down from generation to generation to allow
families to celebrate and appreciate the special times in their lives. See below for the story that accompanies the plate.

This beautiful tradition makes for a unique and thoughtful gift  for a bridal shower. While not expensive, it is a priceless present that will
be remembered and used for years. You can find this special gift right on Amazon and there is even a matching mug!

As we began to share the Red Plate for not only bridal showers, but as a wedding gift, christening gift and baby shower gift, we
developed three “You are Special” gift cards to enclose with your gift
that explains the tradition
. There are cards for gifting at a baby shower, christening, birthday party or bridal shower. Here is the poem to enclose for a bridal shower gift.
Feel free to use them when you pass on the You are Special plate
tradition.You will see when you gift the Red Plate how people just love
it. It is not the most expensive gift, but may be one of the most

unique bridal shower gift

Here’s a 4 page free printable with poems if you choose this bridal shower gift idea for either a baby gift, a birthday, a christening gift or a bridal shower gift.

Another Creative Bridal Shower Gift Idea

creative bridal shower gift idea bridal shower game idea

Here is another fun gift idea .. a wine basket with poems to celebrate the firsts in the couple’s life together.. from first Thanksgiving, to first anniversary, first baby and more.. always a hit! You can order the printable poems too.. they arrive all formatted on cute cards.. just tie to the bottle! Here is all the information on this creative shower gift idea!

bridal shower desserts

More Bridal shower ideas here.. decorations, invitations, and desserts like these adorable Bride and Groom cake pops!

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