Beautiful Happy Friendship Day Greetings Messages for Best Friends

Beautiful Happy Friendship Day Greetings Messages for Best Friends

Beautiful Happy Friendship Day Greetings Messages for Best Friends

Happy Friendship Day Note and Greetings for Buddies Dost Partners

Find inspiring friendship day greetings in English and Hindi. The Friendship Day is celebrated across the world on different days. But most of the countries celebrate it on the first Sunday of the month of August. The day is celebrated by exchanging roses, gifts, colourful friendship bands, greetings cards and messages. All the youngsters will surely want some beautiful quotes on friendship to make their friends smile on this special day. Let your friends realize how much they mean to you. Use our friendship day sms, quotes and greetings for free. Just pick the one you like and send it across to your friends via mobiles or e.mail.

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Before 2nd August arrives, be ready to send lovely friendship day greetings images and whatsapp DP to your dear besties. It is not always easy to express your beautiful feelings you have for your friends and family members. Every year, we celebrate friendship day, valentines day, fathers day, and mothers day. These beautiful days remind us how blessed we are. We realize that relations and friendships are the greatest riches of our life. Thanks to the social media and various messaging apps, we can instantly send quotes, images, msg. lines, and videos to our friends. Our website also offers beautiful dosti shayari in Hindi for your close friends.

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Friendship Day Lines to Write in 2nd August Greetings

Here are some amazing lines you can send to your dear
friends and tell them how you miss them. No matter how old they get, special
friendships are always beautiful. It is indeed true that talking to your best
friend for few minutes is the best therapy you can have.

Love can make you cry,

But friendship believes in smiles,

Love can ditch

But friendship can reach to

a beautiful never ending relation!

Happy Friendship Day to all my Friends!

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Finally it s a day when I take a chance

to thank you for being with me,

for understanding me,

for caring me,

for trusting me and gifting me the best friend!

Happy Friendship Day!

Sweet memories of childhood

remain for ever in heart

and never they die.

True friends stay together

and never say goodbye!

Happy Friendship Day to my Dearest friend!

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True friends are tough to find,

hard to part with

and impossible to forget

even when apart

Happy Friendship Day!

Its a day to celebrate

the relation which is

beyond time, beyond words

and beyond any conditions!

Lets celebrate friendship together!

Lovely Friendship Day greetings to all my dear friends!

A line has two ends,

triangle has three

a square has four ends

and star has five

But friendship is a circle

without any end.

Beautiful friendship day wishes!

Friendship Day Text Messages in English for Best Friends

Here are some more lovely lines to add in your friendship
day greetings messages. Our website also offers collection of beautiful
whatsapp DP for today.

Sometimes I just wonder

looking at my Palm,

which cute crisscross

made me so lucky to have

a beautiful, sweet and true friend like you.

Happy Friendship Day!

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True friends will laugh with you

even when you are laughing

at their cost!

Lovely friendship wishes

to all my near and dear friends!

Friendship is a great relation

with cute little things like

love and care,

fights and patch ups,

smiles and tears.

Happy Friendship Day!

Don’t try to define friendship

don’t try to find its meaning,

its just a feeling and a gesture

 of bringing someone up

without caring of your own place.

Happy celebrations of Friendship Day!

Though we are apart,

the best prayer I can say for you is

wherever you go,

may you find true friends

who keep you smiling and

give you all care and luv you need!

Happy Friendship Day!

Our family is God gifted

but our friends are the

family chosen by us!

Lots of love and care

to all my friends!

Happy Friendship Day Greetings to All!

Friendship is a wealth,

value your friends &

keep your bonds warm and going always.

Happy Friendship Day Wishes!

Value your friends &

Celebrate friendship.

Happy Friendship Day!

Having million friends in the list

is not a miracle,

its a miracle to have one single friend

who will stand by you

when millions are against you!

Have a great funky Friendship Day!

There are many wishes

I have for you,

No tears to depress u,

Only joys do surround you,

Angles themselves guard you

And God comes to bless you

Happy Friendship Day

With lots of lovely wishes!

Please let us know how you liked our friendship day greetings and images. We are sure you would love to
share them with your friends and family members. Sometimes our family members
are our best friends. If you think your sibling is your best friend, do not
wait. Send them these having fun with best friends quotes and friendship
shayari. Stay with us for lovely dosti shayari that you can send to your
buddies on any day of the year.

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