Baby Shower Desserts – Happiest Baby

Baby Shower Desserts – Happiest Baby

Baby Shower Desserts – Happiest Baby

Something sweet is on the way! With so many baby shower themes and decorating inspiration out there these days, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. But make sure your baby shower desserts are more than just an afterthought. Given that the mama-to-be is on very little caffeine and off alcohol, her baby shower desserts may just be the most delicious part of the whole nine months! That means you’ll want to think extra-hard about the tasty treats you’re about to serve.  

When planning baby shower desserts, first check in with the guest of honor about food allergies or limitations. The last thing you want is a gluten-free or nut-allergic mommy who can’t dig into her own dessert table. Then, you’ll want to feast your eyes on this baby shower dessert inspiration. From customized cookies to decked-out candy tables, here are 21 super-sweet baby shower dessert ideas! 

Custom Baby Shower Cookie Ideas

Photo: London’s Cookies & Sweets

There are so many directions and designs you can take on with custom baby shower cookies, but these crowd pleasers are a must for the modern party.  

A Naked Baby Shower Cake

Photo: Rose Clearfield Blog  

These classy, simple cakes are quickly becoming a staple among birthday, wedding, and baby shower desserts. Celebrate the mama-to-be and her sweet little one with a glamorously rustic “naked cake”—perfect for the boho baby shower. 

Pink & Blue Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Photo & To Purchase: Edible Arrangements 

Chocolate-covered strawberries are a refreshing and decadent baby shower dessert that are also easy to make (or order via link above). Add a little something special with this layer of pink or blue to make them into the perfect addition to your baby shower dessert table. 

Baby Shower Candy Table

Photo: The Cocooning Around the Corner

Oh, how sweet it is! A baby shower candy table with chews, sours, sticks, and chocolates of all varieties in the party’s color scheme will be a huge crowd pleaser — and double as a favor if you leave out little plastic baggies for guests to pack with their favorites and take home. 

Fancy Macaron Baby Shower Dessert

Photo: @pastry_chefs_in_australia 

While most of the recipes on this list can be made with substitute ingredients to accommodate food allergies, French macarons are a great idea for a baby shower dessert because they’re inherently gluten- and dairy-free, making them a safe choice for guests with those intolerances. Also, they’re gorgeous and an easy canvas for all your decorating dreams. 

Linzer Cookie Baby Shower Dessert

Photo & Recipe: Food Network 

A classic treat with the taste of childhood, these pretty cookies are easy to make and look great on a baby shower dessert table.  

Baby Shower Dessert Pies

Photo & Recipe: Food Network

Giada’s individual strawberry-honey pies look like the most comforting, nostalgic little party bites and are a unique baby shower dessert. Imagine these laid out at a picnic-style party or vintage themed baby shower! Miniature pies for the win. 

Cheesecake Parfait Baby Shower Dessert

Photo & Recipe: Inside Bruce Wife

You don’t even need to be a cheesecake fan to admit these look delicious. Dessert in a cup is so much easier to serve at a baby shower, and they make cleanup a breeze… not to mention they’re just so pretty!

Onesie Cake Baby Shower Dessert

Photo & How-To: bluprint 

If you decide to go the baby shower cake route, make it memorable. This unique onesie cake idea is really pretty for the center of a dessert table and will have Mama beaming. Use her favorite cake flavors and frosting with this totally easy guide to creating a onesie-shaped cake at home. 

Caramel Corn Baby Shower Dessert

Photo & Where to Buy: RedBarnFarmofMaine via Etsy 

Scoop up some “ready to pop” cellophane baggies and fill them with store-bought or homemade caramel corn for a sweet-and-savory baby shower treat guests can eat on site or take to go.

Confetti Oreo Cookie Baby Shower Dessert

Photo & How-To: Sprinkles for Breakfast 

Party-perfect chocolate-dipped Oreos cookies are a cheerful and delicious addition to your sweets line up for the mother-to-be and her guests.  

Cotton Candy Baby Shower Cupcake Ideas

Photo & Recipe: Cooking Classy

Festive, yummy, and absolutely out-of-the-box! Carnival-inspired cupcakes are a very fun idea for an addition to the baby shower dessert table.  

Donut Baby Shower Dessert Display

Photo & Where to Buy Display Board: CelebratedParty via Etsy

That’s a “hole” lotta delicious, and everyone will go crazy for a donut display. This gilded theme is stunning, but you can pull off something incredible in any color scheme.  

Raspberry Chocolate Mousse Baby Shower Dessert

Photo & Recipe: Tip Buzz

Individual party desserts are a great idea for a baby shower, and if pink doesn’t work with your theme, you can get creative swapping raspberries for another fruit in the mousse.

Strawberry Shortcake Kabob Baby Shower Dessert

Photo & Recipe: Karen in the Kitchen

Sweet, seasonal, and oh-so-simple to make—strawberry shortcake kabobs are easy to pick up and eat on-the-go, making them the ultimate in party snacking for Mama and her pals. 

Chocolate Coconut Nest Baby Shower Dessert

Photo & Recipe: Eating Bird Food

Anything with “no-bake” in the title is a yes for the busy party-planner. Check out this baby shower dessert recipe for adorable, no-bake coconut nests that will make a decadent and delicious treat and look super pretty on the table. They’re absolutely precious for a bird- or nature-themed shower. 

Baby Shower Pastel Peppermint Patties

Photo & Recipe: Sweetapolita

We’re pretty sure you cannot go wrong with these tasty beauties! Not only do they look darn cute on a cake plate, but their sweet and minty, melt-in-your-mouth centers are just the kind of treat party guests want to see (and taste).  

Lollipop Baby Shower Dessert

Photo & Where to Buy: SpencersSugarShop via Etsy

Take the guesswork—and the kitchen work—out of your baby shower dessert, and display these custom-made lollipops in your baby shower theme of choice! 

Ice Cream Cake Shot Baby Shower Dessert

Photo & Recipe: Sugar and Cloth

What is even happening here?! These little treats look almost too good to eat. This baby shower dessert will be the first “shot” Mama’s taken in a while, so may as well make it a special one.  

Baby Shower Rice Krispie Treat Cake

Photo & Recipe: Sprinkles for Breakfast 

Rice Krispie treats, the classic childhood treat, get a major upgrade with this stunning baby shower cake! 

Coconut Fudge Baby Shower Dessert

Photo: @sprinklesforbreakfast 

Any under-the-sea or storybook themed shower will get an extra-special sugar rush from gold leaf coconut fudge! Wow your guests—especially the guest of honor—with these beauties. 

Think Beyond the Baby Shower Desserts!

Choosing a dessert is great, but even better when you have a great baby shower theme! Make sure to check out our other great resources, including:

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