A Thanksgiving Trivia Quiz to play during your Thanksgiving celebration

thanksgiving trivia

A Thanksgiving Trivia Quiz to play during your Thanksgiving celebration

thanksgiving trivia

This Thanksgiving Trivia quiz
has been used as our Thanksgiving dinner table entertainment more than
once over the years and it is always a hit! I update the questions by
researching various sources, including the kids history books and even
the Butterball Turkey website! It tests your knowledge on All Things Thanksgiving from the days of the Mayflower and the Pilgrims, to the history of Thanksgiving traditions to pop culture questions.. best of all the quiz is a free printable from our family to yours! See some samples of our Thanksgiving trivia right below.

thanksgiving trivia quiz

We play “Turkey Trivia” as we enjoy our Thanksgiving dinner! I put each clue in an envelope and let the kids decorate them with stickers and write each guest’s name on them.. they then also become our placecards! You can play it solo or on teams. If the team can’t give the correct answer it is tossed to the other team! Of course there must be prizes! Our family’s favorite prize is instant lottery tickets. However, their favorite was the year I made a Cash Cow. The cow was actually a turkey stuffed animal tied on to a basket. I put all different denominations of bills in there and if they answered correctly, they pulled from the Cash Cow! They LOVED that one! You could let the kids decorate a box and call it the Turkey Treasure Trove and place the prizes in there!

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