9 Short Christmas Prayers for Children to Learn This Christmas

9 Short Christmas Prayers for Children to Learn This Christmas

9 Short Christmas Prayers for Children to Learn This Christmas

9 Short Christmas Prayers for Children to Learn This Christmas

Many of us are familiar with saying prayers with family on Christmas, whether it’s a prayer of thanksgiving or before a meal. Giving Thanks to God can be incorporated all through the holiday season and can be part of your family’s Christmas morning traditions and Christmas festivities.

Teaching children the value of prayer, especially on Christmas, is essential in letting them know and appreciate the important principles of the holiday, which is the birth of Jesus Christ and being thankful for the things provided to us. Kids all too often associate Christmas with presents, Santa Claus, and other symbolic things, and forget what really matters–Jesus Christ.

Christmas Prayers for Kids

Christmas prayers for children are important because it teaches them that being thankful goes far beyond Thanksgiving or any holiday. Prayers extend to the heights of the heavens. 

Whether they decide to write their own prayer, use another’s, or even say a silent prayer, they would surely be heard by at least one person.

Here are a few sweet prayers for children:

Reason for the Season

Dear Father in Heaven,

Thank You for giving us the gift of Jesus, the greatest Christmas gift of all. Please help me to remember why we celebrate, even as we eat Christmas cookies and open presents. I am very thankful for the real reason for the season and, without Jesus, we wouldn’t have Christmas! I love You and thank You for giving us this day!


Being Thankful

Dear Jesus, Today, I want to thank You for all you’ve done for me.

Thank You for my wonderful parents, brothers and sisters, grandparents, and the rest of my family.

Thank You for my pets, my room, my teachers at school, and thank You for Christmas.

Thank You for Santa Claus on Christmas morning, and the presents that sit under the tree.

Thank You for the delicious food Mom has made, and thank You for coming here to save us!

In Your name, I pray, Amen.

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to You! Happy birthday to You! Happy birthday, dear Jesus! Happy birthday to You!

Today, we celebrate the birth of the most important person ever. Thank You for sharing this day with us, and for giving us the greatest birthday gift, You!


Blessings for Others

Dear Jesus,

I know I’m very blessed today, spending time with my family, having a yummy dinner, and getting to open presents, but I know there are many people who won’t get those things today. Please send them lots of blessings, and let them know that someone is thinking about them on Christmas. Help me see how I can bless other people, too!

In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen.

Dinner Time

Dear God,

Today is my favorite day of the year, and this is my favorite dinner of the year! Thank You for this delicious food, and thank You for the people who made it. Also, please give me the strength to help me clean up after it!


Gifts of God

Dear God,

Thank You for all the gifts You have given us this year. I am very grateful for all the blessings that you gave us to celebrate Christmas happily; our home, my toys, my family, our food on the table, my clothes, everything. I know that all of these gifts came from You, and I am very grateful for these and Your love for me.


Christmas Day

Lord God,

Thank You for this wonderful Christmas morning. Thank You for the presents, breakfast, and this time with my family. Please guide me on what to do today to make it memorable and special, and according to Your will. Please also help me make today peaceful and in celebration of your birth.


Peace and Love

Dear Lord,

I pray that this Christmas is celebrated with a heart filled with peace and love. Please take away all the bad feelings and emotions in people, and show them what Christmas is all about. I also pray for the people who are having a hard time this Christmas. Please hug them and let them feel Your peace and love.


Praise and Thanks to Jesus

Father God,

I praise and Thank You for Christmas. Thank You for sending Jesus on earth to save me. Thank You that we can celebrate and be happy because of this. I pray that I would be just like Jesus, and live a godly life.

In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen.


This Christmas, encourage your kids to say a little prayer to the heavens. During your family prayer this holiday, have each kid participate, after all, it is prayer and everyone should say one.

It’s the perfect time to teach them the value of reflection and gratefulness, plus it’s so cute to hear their short prayers! Your best bet is to let them write their own before dinner while they are caught up in all of the emotions of Christmas. (Be sure to proofread!)

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