6 ways you can encourage team spirit in the workplace

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6 ways you can encourage team spirit in the workplace

Great sports teams that succeed all have one thing in common – team spirit. Team spirit is when a group of people really feel invested in reaching a goal together and are there to support each other. The admirable team spirit that many sports teams have can be duplicated in the workplace.

Whether you’re part of an HR department or a team leader there are a number of different things you can do to help a team bond and thus perform better. We have put together 6 different things that you can start doing today that will encourage team spirit. Continue reading for inspiration!

1. Employ the right people

If creating an environment where team spirit is central, you should start with the employment process. When recruiting new team members, be mindful and ask questions that will focus on whether or not a candidate is a team player and will give the right energy to the team.

2. Eat lunch together

Taking everyday opportunities to spend time together as a team can encourage team spirit. One example of this is to create an environment where team members can eat their lunch together either in a nice lunchroom or at an organized team lunch. This can be a great way to raise team spirits. This is because colleagues will have the chance to have a break from work during the day and socialise with their teammates. This can help with the development of positive relationships between colleagues as they get to know each other better on a social level.

3. Organize social events

On a similar note, any kind of social events can be a good boost for team spirit. Get your team together for a fun Mentimeter quiz or plan an out of office event like an escape room that will encourage your colleagues to work as a team in a non-work environment.

4. Workshops can also be useful

Workshops that look at company core values and talk about team building can be a great way to encourage team spirit. Focus on creating an energetic workshop that will encourage team building and support. Check out our blog post about how to organize an energetic workshop!

5. Share praise and feedback

Make praise and feedback sharing an integral part of daily routines. Use internal email or messaging tools to share praise for achievements and to recognize your colleagues in a public way. Also encourage team members to share feedback and praise with others. This will help to promote open communication in your team and strengthen bonds and understanding between each other. Test out this easy-to-implement template that will help your team to give effective praise:

Is there someone you'd like to thank?

Is there someone you’d like to thank?

6. Be Inclusive

An incredibly important way to encourage team spirit is to make sure that everyone in the workplace feels included. Being actively inclusive in the workplace can be as simple as making sure the language you use is inclusive to making sure that group activities are something that can be enjoyed by everyone. By making everyone feel included, this will encourage team spirit. You can use this Mentimeter template to monitor if people feel included:

Do you feel included at work?

Do you feel included at work?

Encouraging team spirit can have amazing long-term effects, including better employee retention and well-being. By taking these small steps you will be well on your way to creating a strong team with amazing team spirit. Good luck!

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