59+ Thanksgiving Day questions with answers[Thanksgiving History]

59+ Thanksgiving Day questions with answers[Thanksgiving History]

59+ Thanksgiving Day questions with answers[Thanksgiving History]

Thanksgiving Day is one of the most awaited festivals, People love this holiday because on this day people enjoy a lot. They have planned too many things for this day. Some people plan a trip, A family reunion day, and most importantly the NFL match. Two enjoyment in one day. Most of the people plan to watch NFL match with some awesome foods. Most people love to eat Turkey on this day. And one more interesting thing about this day is that it considers being the buzziest traveling day of the year.

In this special post, we have created some amazing Thanksgiving trivia questions that people normally ignored. In fact, the whole world celebrates this festival. So we should know the history of Thanksgiving Day, and all other important questions that rotating in our minds.

Thanksgiving trivia questions and answers

thanksgiving trivia questions

1. In Canada Thanksgiving always occurred on which day?

2. In which year, which president of US announces Thanksgiving day as a national holiday?

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In 1863 Abraham Lincoln

3. The first Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade takes place on which year?

4. Pilgrims celebrate first Thanksgiving in which year?

5. The first Thanksgiving festival celebrated on which place?

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Plymouth, Massachusetts

6. What was the name of the American tribe who took part in the first Thanksgiving festival?

7. What was the ship name that transported Pilgrim to America in 1620?

8. True or false question: Egyptian tribe took part in the first Thanksgiving festival?

9. Korean Thanksgiving duration?

10. In Puerto Rico, Thanksgiving Feast start on which day?

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Last Thursday of November

Thanksgiving jeopardy questions

11. Every year how many NFL games played during Thanksgiving festival?

12. Which character mostly appeared in Thanksgiving parades?

thanksgiving food trivia

13. Which state grows the highest number of Potatoes in the USA?

14. In which city Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade takes place every year?

15. Under Turkey Neck, dangling skin exist. What is the name of that skin?

16. At which degree Turkey eye can see?

17. What was the original purpose of the Mayflower ship?

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Basically, Mayflower was a merchant ship to carry wine.

NFL game and Thanksgiving Day trivia questions

18. Which NFL team has the highest number of wins on Thanksgiving Day?

19. Which two NFL teams never play any match on Thanksgiving Day?

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Carolina Panthers and Jacksonville Jaguars

20. Which football team always played on Thanksgiving day except for WWII

21. In 1934 between which team the first NFL football game took place?

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Detroit Lions VS Chicago Bears

22. On Thanksgiving day 88% of American eat what food?

23. Which day considered to be the heaviest day for plumbers?

24. Which food is mostly eaten in Korea on Thanksgiving Day?

25. How many years Turkey can live?

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Up to 15 years

26. True or false questions: Turkey can fly?

Trivia quiz questions

Useful trivia thanksgiving

27. The Busiest travel day is a Thanksgiving day. Is it true?

28. What was the total number of Pilgrim in the Mayflower ship?

29. In Norfolk Island, Thanksgiving Day celebrated on which day?

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Last Wednesday of November

30. Pilgrims Island in America located on which place?

31. Who was the writer of Plymouth plantation?

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William Bradford

32. What is snood?

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Red wobbly on the beak of Turkey

Thanksgiving test questions

33. Original Plymouth rock cracked during which war?

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Revolution War

34. Japan celebrate labors Thanksgiving day on which day?

35. Chuseok is the Korean name of which festival?

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Thanksgiving Day

36. Approximately how many Turkey served on Thanksgiving day in the USA?

37. Which animated movie is based on pardoning of a Turkey on Thanksgiving day by American President?

38. Tryptophan amino acid found in Turkey. Is it true?

The first thanksgiving quiz- test your knowledge answers

thanksgiving jeopardy questions

39. Thanksgiving Day is also known as what?

40. Which state of the USA has the highest amount of Turkeys?

41. In 1939 why Thanksgiving Day was changed?

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Due to the economic recession

42. The Hebrew word “Tukki” means what?

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It means Turkey (big bird)

Thanksgiving word puzzle quiz facts answers

43. True or false questions: Thanksgiving festival celebrate only in the United States?

44. On which maximum speed Turkey can run?

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20 miles per hour

45. Which member of Pilgrim made the bear barrel?

46. The Oldest harvest celebration Makahiki last for how many months?

47. The most injuries related to Thanksgiving day is?

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Mis handling of Knife

48. Baby Turkey’s called what?

Thanksgiving quiz from buzzfeed

49. A special duty performed every year by the president of the USA on Thanksgiving Day. What is that duty?

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Pardons 1 lucky Turkey

50. The word “Cornucopia” referred to what?

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Horn of Plenty

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51. Jamestown colony in Virginia founded by whom?

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Captain John Smith

52. Who was the writer of “The courtship of Miles Standish”?

53. What was the number of women in the Mayflower ship?

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54. What was the longest balloon used in Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade?

Spiderman 100 feet long

Thanksgiving tv trivia

55. How many days took to reach the New World from England?

56. Out of 102 pilgrims how many survived?

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57. What is the current size of Plymouth rock?

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Car engine size

58. By 1690, what became the priority of Thanksgiving day?

59. Turkey is considered a sacrificial bird in which country?

60. Turkey lay brown color eggs. True or false?

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