50 things i love about life on We Heart It

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50 things i love about life on We Heart It

hello beautiful;

a while back i was having a very interesting conversation with someone close to me about the many things in life that contribute to ones happiness. after reading articles about being happy here on whi, i really wanted to make a list of 50 things that i myself love about life. because the truth is: when you start thinking about all the small things in life, there are so many things to be happy about. hopefully, this list makes you think about the things that spark happiness in your life.

these are by no means all the things i love and appreciate, but here are the most important ones:

1. seasons
2. sunsets and sunrises
3. beaches
4. beautiful nature
5. late night swims

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6. capturing great moments in pictures
7. friends who make you laugh
8. falling in love
9. spontaneous road trips
10. traveling and exploring new countries and cultures

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11. cute animals
12. seeing people smile
13. concerts and festivals
14. listening to music on vinyl
15. receiving flowers

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16. delicious food
17. … and delicious wine
18. drinking hot chocolate during fall and winter
19. doing things you are genuinely passionate about
20. slumber parties

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21. giving and receiving compliments
22. getting to know new people
23. hiking in the wilderness
24. bonfires
25. theme parks

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26. watching movies from your childhood
27. reading an inspiring book
28. knitted sweaters and hoodies
29. to lie in bed and watch Netflix
30. taking pictures with friends

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31. beautiful architecture
32. small coffee shops
33. picnics
34. sunny days
35. hugs

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36. saltwater and seashells
37. surprising someone & being surprised
38. sleeping in on sunday mornings
39. working out / running
40. polaroid pictures

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41. reuniting with a family member or friend
42. museums
43. going to the movies
44. looking through an old journal or notebook and getting really nostalgic
45. listening to a really good album or song

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46. living in the moment
47. dressing up and feeling bomb
48. playing guitar
49. being inspired by the people you surround yourself with
50. realizing how incredibly lucky you are to be alive in this very moment ❤

hope you enjoyed this article, and that this inspired you to really think about the many aspects of your life that contribute to happiness ❤

– xoxo Cecilie

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