50 + I Love You Because… Ideas and Thought Starters

50 + I Love You Because... Ideas and Thought Starters

50 + I Love You Because… Ideas and Thought Starters

I love you because” ideas and thought starters for greeting cards, for kids or for a husband or wife to say at the right time!

When creating the printables for the post “Open When Letters“, I realized how difficult it can be sometimes to say what we truly feel when we really want to say it.

Especially if you’re a man or woman of a few words, trying to find the right thing to say can be difficult.

But no one said you had to think of everything from scratch, right? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with looking online to help you get a jump start of saying “the right thing” to the one that you love.

I Love You Because…

So whether or not you’re looking for fun ways to say “I love you because” to say to your girlfriend, wife, husband, boyfriend, child or even a friend or another family member, here are some ideas to get you started.

Feel free to use them as is, mix them up, adjust to how they fit your relationship!

“I Love You Because” Ideas for Husband, Wife, Boyfriend, Girlfriend:

  • you listen to me when I need to vent.
  • you’ve helped me discover who I really am and who I want to be.
  • there’s not a day that goes by that I feel unloved.
  • you’re such a hard worker.
  • you provide for our family.
  • you’re such a good dad/mom.
  • you let me be me.
  • you’re so stinking cute!
  • you bring out the best in me.
  • you help me around the house.
  • our kids look up to you.
  • we can laugh at and with each other.
  • we make such a good team.
  • of your smile.
  • you protect us.
  • of the funny things you say.
  • you keep our house in order.
  • you make amazing dinners.
  • your butt looks good in jeans.
  • you keep me on my toes.
  • you love Jesus first.
  • of the example you set for our children.

“I Love You Because” Ideas for Child:

  • you have such a good heart.
  • you let me.
  • you’re such a good sister/brother.
  • you make me laugh.
  • playing nice with others is something you’re great at.
  • you help out at home.
  • you do your best.
  • God made you just the way you are.
  • you give the best hugs and kisses.
  • you’re eager to learn.
  • loving you is easy.
  • you melt my heart.
  • we both love ______.
  • we both love to play______.
  • you eat your veggies and healthy foods.
  • your snuggles are the best!

“I Love You Because” Ideas for Friend/Family Member:

  • you’re always there for me.
  • we can vent together.
  • you don’t judge me.
  • we can pick up right where we left off.
  • you know too much! (Ha!)
  • you’ll watch my kids at the drop of a hat.
  • a midnight call is never too late.
  • our long drives always include the BEST songs.
  • you bake some mean cookies.
  • your cocktails always go down smooth.
  • you’re brutally honest about my outfit choices.
  • your advice is better than “Dear Abby’s”.
  • your marriage is something to look up to.
  • I’ve never met someone so passionate about _____.
  • your hugs are the absolute best.
  • we do the best karaoke duets together.
  • you stand up for me during the hard times.

Is There Something Else?

Is there something else that should be on the list? Of course there are gobs and gobs of things you could say to your loved one, but I hope these ideas give you the right words to say or at least some inspiration to get you started.

Ways to Use “I Love You Because”

Do you want to tell someone you love them, and why… but not sure how to do it?

Here are a few fun ideas I thought of, in case you’re looking for ways to express why you love him or her.

  • Simply just tell them. Over the phone, through text, in person. Sometimes we don’t say it enough, or don’t dig deep in to the why, when in reality, giving a reason why can be something wonderful that he or she can hold on to for the rest of their life.
  • Hidden letters. Hide small notes around the house (underwear drawer, suitcase when he/she travels, lunchbox, cabinet, etc.)
  • Through a video. Create a video listing all of the reasons of why you love them. It’s something special that they can hang on to for forever, and see you while you’re saying it. Sometimes saying things on video is much easier than saying it in person.
  • In public. Want to go big or go home? Say a few reasons of why you love them in front of a large crowd, on tv, on the big screen at the theater or sporting event, to really make an impact on the person that loves to be in the spotlight. Is the person you love more recluse and private? Maybe going big and public isn’t something to do.

Have another fun way to express “I love you because” ideas? I’d love to hear them. Drop them in the comments below!

Good luck, have so much fun, and I can’t wait to hear how you’ve showered the person you love, with WHY you love them.

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