40+ Fun Super Bowl Party Ideas for 2021

40+ Fun Super Bowl Party Ideas for 2020

40+ Fun Super Bowl Party Ideas for 2021

Super Bowl Sunday stands as a widely recognized and anticipated American holiday. It’s characterized by the gathering of friends and family, plenty of food and drinks, and the collective watching of the Super Bowl football game. Some groups like to place bets before the game begins, while others focus on meticulous planning of the food and decorations. Each and every attendee usually has a favorite aspect of the annual holiday, or something that makes the party special to them. For that same reason, hosts of Super Bowl parties often feel overwhelmed at the idea of having to plan one. We’re here to help. Check out our Super Bowl party ideas below for help getting started on themes, decorations, a game day menu, party games, party invitations, and more.

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Super Bowl And Football Party Ideas And Themes

Looking for specific themes to take your party over the top? We have you covered, read below for some super fun Super Bowl themes that will help you plan decorations, food, invitations– while keeping the guests extra excited for the big day.

a group of young adults watching football game

Team Colors

If your group is known for their love of healthy competition, consider throwing a team colors party. Decorate the party venue in your home team’s jersey color or colors of both the playing teams and encourage all guests to come dressed in the color of the team they’re rooting for.

Fan Flair

Fill your home with plenty of fanfare foods and themed decoration. Things like giant foam fingers, blow horns, and concession stand food make perfect additions for a Super Bowl theme focused around the fans.

Group of friends watching soccer game on television, celebrating goal.

Game Day Mix Up

This theme is perfect for the group who wants to add a little humor to their Super Bowl party. Gather plenty of sports-based decorations for plates, napkins, posters, and more with a catch – none of the sports shown are American football. Encourage guests to come dressed in their favorite non-football gear for a true game day mix up (and hilarious group photos).

Going For the Gold

Deck out your home with gold streamers, table runners, and tableware. You know your home team is going to win, so you’re going to make sure your home matches that confidence. Include a mix of your team’s sports memorabilia to help make the gold tones pop.

Classic Backyard BBQ

BBQ parties and football go hand in hand, making it a perfect Super Bowl party theme. Make sure there’s plenty of sides, snacks, and drinks to go around and that the master griller is able to keep cooking while watching the game.

Cropped view of freshly popped corn in packages

Old School Football Stadium

Go back in time for this football party transformation. Feature old school Super Bowl posters, classic concession stand snacks, and encourage guests to come in costume of fans from a different decade.

Adults Only Beer Party

If there’s no kids allowed at your Super Bowl get together, consider throwing a beer party. Perfect for the brew masters of any group, beer parties feature plenty of local and micro brews, good food, and better friends– which makes it perfect to watch the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl Party Name Ideas

Looking for the perfect Super Bowl party name for your party invitations? If so, check out some of our favorite below:

  • Pig(Skin)’n Out
  • The Whole 9 Yards
  • Puppy Bowl Post-Game
  • Super Sunday Showdown
  • Super Bowl Commercial Watching Party
  • (Foot)ball’n Out
  • Armchair Quarterback Party

Super Bowl Party Decorating Ideas

Decorations help you take your Super Bowl party ideas to the next level. From custom dishware to commemorative cutting boards, it’s the details that will help make your party one to remember.


Customized stickers with your favorite home team’s emblem or football related symbols makes for a quick and easy way to decorate your venue to be Super Bowl ready.

Bean Bag Chairs

Need some extra seating for the smallest guests at the Super Bowl party? Invest in some customized bean bag chairs that will help keep the little ones entertained and comfortable all night long.

Serving Trays

With all the food you’re sure to have available at the Super Bowl party, serving trays can be extremely useful. Go the extra mile by using Super bowl customized serving trays – they’re sure to impress guests.

Pint Glass

Decorate these custom pint glasses with the name of your favorite team or the year of the super Bowl. Not only will they look great at the party, but they make perfect party favors.

Beer Growler

If you’re planning on serving a local beer at your Super Bowl party, consider using a personalized growler with you team’s logo or name. It’ll also make a great tailgate essential in the years to come.

Two pint jars filled with beer, full bottles, football and baseball mitt with vintage wooden USA flag in background. (Two pint jars filled with beer, full bottles, football and baseball mitt with vintage wooden USA flag in background., ASCII, 117 comp

Mason Jars

Just like the pint glasses mentioned above, personalized mason jars make perfect party favors and Super Bowl stand-out decor.

Ceramic Coasters

Ceramic coasters are easy to order and produce a subtle yet professionally finished result. Customize yours with the team logo or super bowl logo.

Cutting Boards

Customizing your cutting board to leave out meats, cheeses, and other foods for the party is a great way to show off team spirit while keeping your serving table looking professionally done. Also, make sure to check out our resource on charcuterie boards to take this idea to the next level.

Game Day Menu: Super Bowl Party Food Ideas

Party food makes up one of the most essential party staples at a Super Bowl watching party. For that reason, it’s important that your food meets or exceeds the expectations of your guests. To do that, check out the delicious Super Bowl party ideas and game day menus below.

Super Bowl Platters

Appetizers on the table for the football party.

  • Mimicked Football Grilled Hot Dogs: Make your hot dogs look like a football’s stitching by leaving them face down on a grill long enough to give them defined grill lines. This football food is as simple as it is popular.

Sliders with veggie tray on the table for the football party.

  • Game Day Sliders: Make a variety of sliders however you like, then add mini game-day flags to toothpicks and stick them through the middle.

Homemade Vegetarian chili in a casserole dish - healthy and nutritious

  • Save the Pig Skin Vegetarian Chili: If you’re planning on a vegetarian option or full menu, consider a pot of vegetarian chili. It’s popular game-day food and super filling.

Super Bowl Side Dishes

Rustic baked potato skins stuffed with bacon and cheese and topped with sour cream.

  • Potato Skin, Pig Skin: This play-on-words side dish is popular with adults and children, making it an ideal addition for family friendly parties.

Snacks for watching a football game. Super Bowl day party.

  • Mini Football Deviled Eggs: These beautiful looking side dishes are packed with protein and flavor, making them a must-have for your watching party.

Mini Pigs In A Blanket for football game party.

  • Pig Skins in a Blanket: Pig Skins in a Blanket are a classic for any football party. And if you’re planning on having any kids over, they’re a definite must.

Super Bowl Party Snack Ideas

An overhead extreme close up horizontal photograph of a large wooden cutting board with some super bowl snacks consisting of a tray of guacamole and chips decorated to look like a football playing field and spicy buffalo wings on a grungy old baking tray

  • End-Zone Guacamole Dip: Who says you can’t play with your food? This simple-to make guacamole dip is a home-run for any party.

Football party food, super bowl day,

  • Ham & Cheese Mini Footballs: Cute, easy to make, and perfect for family friendly events, these mini footballs are the perfect catch for a Super Bowl party.

Healthy Homemade Baked Sweet Potato Fries with Ketchup

  • Sweet Victory, Sweet Potato Fries: Need some more vegetarian options, or just a fan of sweet potato fries? Include plenty of these oven baked treats for a sweet, sweet victory.

Super Bowl Party Dessert Ideas

Football-shaped brownies with white chocolate details.

  • Football Brownie Cutouts: Few people don’t love a chocolate-chip filled brownie, so featuring these on your game day menu is a guaranteed touch down.

Close up of a cup cake on the wooden table

  • Home Team Cupcakes: There’s a few different ways to make these super cute Super Bowl cupcakes. Either get creative with the toppings and decorations, use frosting colors to represent different teams, or use your home team’s colors color as a surprise filling for guests to bite into.

delicious chocolate covered strawberries made at home with a milk chocolate garnished making the strawberries look like a playing ball

  • Chocolate Football Dipped Strawberries: Chocolate and strawberries go together like the Super Bowl and parties. Break out your melting chocolate for this impressive party dessert.

Super Bowl Party Game Ideas

Games of all kinds became more and more of a Super Bowl party staple through the years. They’re a great way to help involve all the guests in a fun party tradition. But if you don’t already have a traditional game, or you’re looking for a new one, you might like the Super Bowl party ideas and games below:

Football Squares

Football squares make up one of the most popular Super Bowl party games. All that’s needed is a 10X10 grid (100 open slots) with randomized possible scores by each team (one team on the column side, one team on the row side). Guests put down their name for different slots. Then, a winner is chosen for each quarter and for the half time and end score.

Touch Football

Is there a large backyard or field in the back of the party house? Let the kids and other guests play touch football during breaks or before the game starts.

Super Bowl Trivia

If your Super Bowl party guest list is full of football know-it-alls or trivia aficionados, Super bowl trivia can make the ultimate party game. Write down the trivia ahead of time and make sure no one cheats by using their phone!

General Party Games

Looking for general party games that anyone can enjoy? Check out our full resource on party games and pick your favorite.

Super Bowl Party Prize Ideas

Once the party games are over, it’s time to dole out the prizes. Check out our ideas below for how to reward the Super Bowl Game winners.

  • Cash Prize: If you had players buy into a game, such as Football Squares, make sure to distribute the cash prizes fairly!
  • Tickets to a Local Sports Game: Keep the good times rolling by handing out tickets to local games to the winners.
  • Champagne: Nothing says celebration like champagne! Hand out bottles to (age appropriate) winners.
  • Personalized Gifts: If you want to reward the winner with specially customized gifts, check out our full list of personalized gifts.

The Ultimate Super Bowl Party Checklist

Once you’ve picked your favorite Super Bowl party ideas, you’ll want to make sure you’re not forgetting anything on your party planning list. We’re here to help. Use our Super Bowl party ideas checklist below to help you prepare for the big day.

  1. Decide on a party theme.
  2. Pick out and order party invitations. (Read our guides on party invitation wording, and important information to include on invitations for help)
  3. Make a guest list.
  4. Send out party invitations.
  5. Find decorations and plan out your game day menu.
  6. Set up house and grocery shop at least one day before.
  7. Enlist help with cooking and baking.
  8. Make sure the game is recorded in case of any TV mishaps.
  9. Enjoy the party!

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