33 Beautiful Tea Party Decorations

Beautiful vintage accented tea party dessert table decor

33 Beautiful Tea Party Decorations

Tea party decorations are perfect for birthdays, baby showers, open houses, reunions, Easter celebrations, or friendly get-togethers. You can follow a garden party theme, a ladies-in-waiting theme, or an Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter theme. Play yard games or simply chat around the table while you enjoy a cup of freshly brewed tea and cookies. For children’s parties, invite little girls and boys to dress up in their frilliest of dresses and most handsome of suits or supply costume jewelry, boas, and clip-on ties.

Tea Part Dessert Stands

A tea party is a classy affair and presentation is almost everything. You’ll need a dessert table is adorned and well laden with a sumptuous fare of cookies, cakes, pastries, fruits, and other sweets. Arrange them neatly on a stand to show the gravity of the tea-drinking occasion.

Dress up your dessert tables with pastels or china prints. Couple the look with ceramic vases filled with seasonal flowers, and ice the cupcakes or cookies with the creamiest, tallest dollops possible.

Tasteful Tea Party Décor with Colored Stands

Beautiful vintage accented tea party dessert table decor

Image Credit: homeshoppingspy

Light vintage dessert table tea party decorations

Garden Tea Party with Dessert Stands

Image Credit: snazzysoiree

Golden vintage wild cat cake stand decor on tea party dessert table

Fabulous Golden Big Cat Dessert Stands

Image Credit: homedit

Stunning dessert table decor for vintage themed tea party

Cake and Cupcake China Stands

Image Credit: romanticrusticweddingrentals

Stunning tea party ideas with Alice in Wonderland theme

Lewis Carroll redefined how we think about tea parties. His Alice in Wonderland characters put the party in tea party. And one of the most fun experiences you can have with a children’s tea party is replicate the zany table of the Mad Hatter. You don’t need to follow any certain theme or include Carroll’s characters. Simply dress up with your table with as much flamboyance as you can muster.

Use toys, ribbons, oversized cups, plates, and plastic ware. Use random, colorful decorations. The wilder and more haphazard you can be, the better! On the downside, you probably don’t have much of these items around the house. On the upside, you can buy random décor for bargain prices!

And you don’t even need to serve tea if you think the children won’t like it. Serve hot chocolate or juice drinks out of a tea kettle into teacups all the same!

Fun Alice in Wonderland themed tea party table

DIY Alice in Wonderland Tea Party Table

Image Credit: catchmyparty-cdn

Amazing Alice in Wonderland tea party table with baked tea cups and Wonderland fondant topper

Excellent Alice Cake and Cupcakes

Image Credit: encorekidsparties

Cute tea party table decorations with Alice in Wonderland theme

Subtle Wonderland Theme with Sod Runner and Colorful Tea Centerpieces

Image Credit: encorekidsparties

Alice in Wonderland birthday tea party table decor

Alice Dessert Table Featuring Queen of Hearts

Image Credit: catchmyparty-cdn

DIY Alice in Wonderland themed tea party table

Queen of Hearts Décor with Labeled Beverages

Image Credit: photobucket

Beautiful Alice in Wonderland tea party table

Alice Tea Table with DIY Cutout Decorations

Image Credit: allnitegraphics

Tea Party Centerpieces

Tea party centerpiece ideas include in teapots, decorative tea cups, tea tins, and tea leaves. Place your floral arrangement in a teapot as a vase. Or line the table with colorful tea cups. Allow your guests to choose their favorite to use, and the rest stay in the middle as the centerpiece. Arrange flowers or teacups in a tray with crushed tea leaves as the base. Add a vintage feel with a stack of worn classic novels or books of poetry. Read a passage for fun and see if your guests can guess the author.

Stunning tea party table decor with ceramic vase filled with flowers

Flowers in Tea Pot

Image Credit: photobucket

Colourful tea party tea cup centerpiece with flowers and bucket filled with lollipops

Polka Dot Tea Cups and Floral Arrangement

Image Credit: doublescribble

Floral antique teapot centerpieces on Bridesmaids tea party table

Antique Tea Set with Floral Arrangements in Pots and Pitchers

Image Credit: wordpress

Sweet DIY tea party centerpiece

Artistic Tea Party Cutouts

Image Credit: blogspot

Alluring tea party three tiered floral centerpiece decor along with tea tins

Decorative Tea Tins with Tea Leaves

Image Credit: thesweetestoccasion

Bright floral and feather ceramic vase tea party centerpiece

Wonderland Party with Faux Flowers

Image Credit: decorationideas

Tea Party Favors

Whatever the occasion, make the party extra special with a gift for your guests. For children, send them home with a piece of costume jewelry or a silly teacup and saucer. For adults, present them with a handful of tea mixtures or a small tin of cookies. If you baked the cookies for the party or made your own teas, all the better. Personalize your packaging with printed or hand-drawn labels for the most charming appeal.

Gorgeous pink accented tea party favors

Personalized Tea Packet Favors

Image Credit: allhomeparty

Beautiful tea party soap favors

Tea and Cookie Box Favors

Image Credit: etsystatic

Pastel baby shower tea party favors

Mixed Tea Box

Image Credit: projectnursery

Sweet bottles with mixed orange ginger tea party favors

Tea Vials

Image Credit: hgtvhome

Cute tea party favors ideas

Homemade Tea Mixture

Image Credit: allhomeparty

Beautiful Princess tea party favour box

Tea Party Princess Kit

Image Credit: birthdayexpress

Gorgeous tea party favour bags for girls

Personalized Tea Pouches

Image Credit: photobucket

Antique tea cup favor ideas for charming tea party

Tea Cup with Tea, Cookies, and Teaspoon

Image Credit: wordpress

Kids tea party hats as favors

Children’s Tea Party Hats

Image Credit: allhomeparty

Stunning Doily tea party favors ideas

Homemade Tea Bags

Image Credit: andersruff

Tea Party Invitations

Inform your intended guests and get them enthused for your party with a beautifully crafted or wild n’ crazy card. Decorate the card or flyer according to your party’s style. If you’re having a Mad Hatter party, let your guests know with a zany hat and oversized teacup pictured on the card. If it’s going to be a dress-up party, feature boas, pearls, and fancy teapots. A garden party could show fairies or butterflies, and an adult party could depict a steaming cup of tea with a simple floral pattern. Use a stylized font for your script and choose color coordinating envelopes.

Birthday tea party invitation for girls

Sweet Tea Party Invitation

Image Credit: etsystatic

Baby shower tea party invite

Tasteful Tea Party Invite

Image Credit: 1yeshipin

Fancy tea party invitation with pearls and flowers

Embellished Invite

Image Credit: blogspot

Sweet birthday tea party invitation

Simple Tea Part Invitation with Hand-drawn Illustrations

Image Credit: notonthehighstreet

Cute Kids Tea Party Ideas

Little girls love to have tea parties. It’s the perfect role-playing experience for combining regality and hospitality. They are the “princess” with fancy tableware, treats, costumes, and décor and they’re the hostess courteously caring the needs of her guests.

Tea parties are perfect for girls’ birthday parties, sleepovers, or playdates. The mommies will enjoy taking part too! Dress up the tables in pink and purple, provide plastic tea cups, a tasty beverage, and some cookies or cupcakes, and watch your daughters amuse themselves all afternoon.

Cute kids tea party with pink theme

Kids’ Tea Party with Blanket Tablecloth, Fairy Wand Crafts, and Plastic Cups

Image Credit: squarespace

Sweet girls tea party idea in pretty pastels

Girls’ Tea Party with Decorations, Desserts, Ceramic Tea Set, and Dolls

Image Credit: southerncharmportraits

Princess themed kids tea party idea

Princess Tea Party with Boas, Flowers, Tulle, Real Tea Cups, and Printed Plates

Image Credit: travelingtea

For girls or adults, a tea party is always a great opportunity for spending time together. Use these ideas for tea party decorations for your next event or friend night! Send out the invitations, assemble the centerpiece, personalize the favors, and put the tea on!

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