31 reasons why I love you

31 reasons why I love you

31 reasons why I love you

Dearest Hartmut, 

Last year’s big birthday is still fresh in my mind and I can hardly believe that a year has passed since then, but today you are 31. So here are 31 reasons why I love you.

I love you because:

  1. your looks… I mean, look at you! That smile, those curls…
  2. Nobody else annoys me as little as you do
  3. You are my best friend
  4. You are learning to become a great photographer.
  5. You make sure that I get time alone away from the girls and encourage me to take that time.
  6. your character is so consistent and that is exactly what my temperamental character needs. 
  7. You lead us well.
  8. Nobody makes Doris smile the way you do.
  9. God and his plan for you and us takes priority over everything.
  10. you show a genuine interest in the people you meet.
  11. You challenge me to become the best I can be.
  12. You are always willing to help people and go the extra mile.
  13. you can make things out of nothing. Look at all our furniture, the toys for the girls, the plant boxes around our house… you are amazing!
  14. you do most of our dishes
  15. you worked so hard on your registration!
  16. you support me no matter what!
  17. You still give me butterflies (especially when you wink.)
  18. You don’t waste money on useless gadgets.
  19. The girls absolutely adore you, you are their biggest hero!
  20. You really want to make the world a better place. Not only for us but for everybody. 
  21. You do everything you can to make sure that we are safe and taken care of.
  22. you are generous with your time, your money, your gifts.  
  23. You remember names, faces and stories. (and gently remind me when I forgot)
  24. You make our marriage a priority
  25. you take out the garbage bin.
  26. You make me feel special, important and listened to.
  27. Nobody can comfort Sophie the way you can.
  28. You are the best human jungle gym for the girls
  29. your hobbies are hobbies we all benefit from (building!)
  30. you change nappies!
  31. You are my favourite person to be with

I married well because even though I add one more reason every year it gets  easier to make this list because I discover more things that I love you.

Sophie asked what I was doing while I was typing this. Se says she also loves you and this is why:

  1. Omdat pappa naar arbeit gaat en heel hard werkt.
  2. Omdat pappa goed kan ‘kjuffejen’.
  3. Omdat pappa met mij goed kan plantjes maken in de tuin.
  4. Omdat pappa mij goed in de lucht kan gooien.
  5. Omdat ik altijd pappa alles laat zien wat ik gekjutseld heb.
  6. Omdat pappa jarig is. 

We love you so much!


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