25 Hilarious Christmas Party Games You Have to Try

The best collection of 25 awesome Christmas party games, lots of free printables, and tons of laughs!

25 Hilarious Christmas Party Games You Have to Try

Hilarious Christmas party games for all ages and occasions! Minute to win it games, funny gift exchange ideas, games for kids, and even games for a work party! Perfect for groups and office Christmas parties!Hilarious Christmas party games for all ages and occasions! Minute to win it games, funny gift exchange ideas, games for kids, and even games for a work party! Perfect for groups and office Christmas parties!The best collection of 25 awesome Christmas party games, lots of free printables, and tons of laughs!Hilarious Christmas party games for all ages and occasions! Minute to win it games, funny gift exchange ideas, games for kids, and even games for a work party! Perfect for groups and office Christmas parties!

These Christmas party games are guaranteed to make even the lamest Christmas party entertaining! With 45 of the absolute best Christmas games for adults and kids, there’s really something for everyone and every type of party! Fun Christmas games, free Christmas games, and even Christmas games to play with big groups! 

Hilarious Christmas party games for all ages and occasions! Minute to win it games, funny gift exchange ideas, games for kids, and even games for a work party! Perfect for groups and office Christmas parties!

45 of the Best Christmas Party Games

With all of the holiday parties, you’re bound to need at least a couple of fun Christmas games to play! Lucky for you, I’ve gone through the trouble of collecting 45 of my favorite Christmas party games from all over the internet! Now all you have to do is play!

There are games with free printables (trivia, charades, bingo, Minute to Win It Christmas games) and others that have all of the instructions you need to have your own holiday game night.

I’ve split them into sections for you to make it easier to find what you’re looking for. Click on the link below to jump right to that section!

Christmas Party Games Index

You’re bound to find awesome Christmas games for adults, teens, and kids! Watch the video below to see some of these games in action!

Active Christmas Party Games

Christmas is one of the most perfect times to get up and move and these active Christmas party games will get your group doing just that! 

These are best played with groups of at least eight or more but you can totally play it with less if necessary!  

1 – Christmas Minute to Win It Games

Twenty-five different Christmas inspired minute to win it games that will have you ringing bells, rocking around Christmas trees, and rolling with laugher! Get all the Christmas games here. 

Hilarious Christmas party games for all ages

2 – Twelve Days of Christmas Minute to Win It Games

If those minute to win it games weren’t enough, try these ones inspired by the twelve days of Christmas song. They include everything from tossing bears to laying goose eggs! They’re hilarious and so much fun. 

Get the 12 days of Christmas game ideas here. 

3 – Candy Cane Olympics

Get your friends and family together for a candy cane Olympics! Ten fun candy cane games that players of any age can play! Play in teams and the team who wins the most events wins it all!

Get all the candy cane game ideas here!

Man holding a candy cane hooked together

4 – Holiday How Do You Doo

In this song, you have to doo your way to holiday victory by singing popular Christmas songs (use this Christmas playlist) and getting your team to guess them. But beware, you can only use the word doo when you sing!

Get the instructions and more awesome party games for adults here. 

Movie ID is one of the most fun adult games

5 – Lump of Coal Christmas Saran Wrap Game

In this hilarious game, you wrap up a bunch of small prizes and gifts (quarters, candy, gift cards) in a big ball of saran wrap.

What makes this game way more fun than a typical saran wrap ball game is the addition of coal cards that make people do things like wrap the ball behind their back, name five of Santa’s reindeer before they unwrap, and so on.

It’s hilarious and one of our new favorites! Get the coal cards and Christmas saran wrap game rules here. 

A ball all ready for a saran wrap ball game

6 – Christmas Name That Tune

This game is fun for anyone who loves music but may not be able to sing (even in doo form)! See who can guess popular Christmas songs first in this Christmas name that tune game.

Or try one of these two other Christmas name that tune variations that have people singing their Ho Ho Ho’s and trying to get teammates to guess Christmas songs!  

Deciding what to steal in gift exchange game

7 – Christmas Charades 

In this fun game, players have to act out Christmas words and get their team to guess them before the time runs out.

Or try one of these five different Christmas charades games – different than the classic Christmas charades!  Or if you’d rather draw than act, Christmas pictionary works with the words too!

Get all the Christmas charades and pictionary words here! 

Playing a Christmas charades game

8 – Christmas Kisses Game

This is my new favorite Christmas game! Ask true or false Christmas trivia questions to cover your tree! First one to cover the tree wins and with true or false questions, you never know who is going to win!

Get the game card and over 300 trivia questions in this family-friendly Christmas trivia game here!

Christmas kisses Christmas trivia game with Hershey's kisses on top

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Gift Exchange Christmas Party Games

These games aren’t your typical white elephant gift exchange; they’re unique and creative gift exchange games. The only other thing you’ll need are some great white elephant gift ideas!

9 – Santa’s Helper Gift Exchange

This may be my favorite gift exchange idea ever. Instead of fighting for a gift for yourself, you get to play the part of Santa’s elf and fight for a gift for someone else. 

It’s amazing how one simple switch can change everything. Get the full rules and printables for this Santa’s Helper gift exchange here. 

Elf sheet filled out

10 – Switch Steal Unwrap Dice Gift Exchange Game

In this simple dice gift exchange game, everyone rolls a dice to see what happens with their gift – unwrap, switch, or steal! It’s one of my most viral games ever and still one of my favorites!

Get the rules and printable or this dice gift exchange game here. 

A christmas gift exchange game that uses dice and gifts

11 – Card Gift Exchange Game

In this non traditional gift exchange, you pick a 12 days of Christmas inspired card and it tells you what to do. Switch gifts left, steal a gift from someone else, unwrap two gifts, and so on. 

Get the 12 days of Christmas party ideas and printable cards here here. 

Or if you want a set of cards that are not 12 days of Christmas inspired, here’s a great set of gift exchange card ideas that are just generally Christmas themed. 

This fun 12 days of Christmas party has it all - gift ideas, printables, activities, decorations, and more! There’s fun for the entire family and for friends! Just use the funny invite based on the 12 days of Christmas song (with different lyrics of course), do a few easy crafts, and you’re ready to go! I love the 12 drinks for drinking table!

12 – Heads or Tails Gift Exchange

Don’t want to decide whether to steal a gift or not? Let a coin decide in this fun gift exchange idea.

Get the heads or tails gift exchange instructions here. 

Playing sheet for a heads or tails gift exchange game

13 – Scrooge Your Neighbor Game

This is another Christmas party game that includes cards but instead of using cards to tell you what to do – the Scrooge Your Neighbor cards give you special actions you can take during the exchange.

Scrooge blocks a steal, Tiny Tim unfreezes a gift that’s been frozen, and so on.

Get the free scrooge your neighbor gift exchange here. 

Printed out Scrooge Your Neighbor gift exchange cards

14 – Left Right Christmas Game

In this fun gift exchange game, everyone sits in a circle and starts with a gift in their hands. As you read a poem that’s filled with the words right and left, you pass the gifts right or left. It’s crazy, fun, and absolutely hilarious! 

Get a free printable left right Christmas game poem here. Or if you’re a Disney fan, get a Disney left right poem here. Perfect for the kids! 

The best Christmas gift exchange poem

15 – Rock Paper Switch Gift Exchange Game

Who doesn’t love a good game of rock paper scissors? This game combines a traditional gift exchange game with the classic game of rock paper scissors. It’s epic and amazing. 

Get full instructions for the rock paper switch game here!

Playing the rock paper scissors switch gift exchange game

16 – December Dice Exchange

Similar to the switch steal unwrap game above, in this game you use dice to determine what happens to the gifts. But instead of actions happening to one gift, they’re happening to everyone in the circle. Round and round the gift goes, where they’ll stop nobody knows!

This is a simple and fun one and great if you have a group who might get offended by stealing. Get the rules and printable gift exchange games here. 

December dice gift exchange game

17 – Never Have I Ever Christmas Gift Game

If you’ve ever played never have I ever, this is a version of that game except with gifts. It’s hilarious, fun, and a great way to get to know a little bit more about each other. 

It’s also good if you don’t want to deal with any stealing or hurt feelings! 

Get the never have I ever questions and game instructions here. 

A kid opening a gift as part of a Never Have I Ever game

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Gift Giving Christmas Party Games

Sometimes you don’t actually want people to bring gifts for a gift exchange (like in the games above). Sometimes you just want to give people gifts – or you want to have people chip in so you can buy all the gifts. 

These gift giving games are perfect for those times. And honestly, it’s the season of giving so these are some of my favorite games of all!

18 – Ping Pong Prize Game

In this hilarious game, you put a bunch of prizes out on a ping pong table (if you don’t have a table, this kit turns any table into a ping pong table). Players answer Christmas trivia questions and if they answer correctly, they get a chance to try and hit a prize!

Get all the rules for these fun ping pong games here.

Grandma hitting a ping pong ball

19 – Pass the Gift Game

In this game you wrap up one gift (typically something good like a gift card) a whole bunch of times with lines of a poem in between layers. Start the gift with someone in the room and they unwrap a layer then read the note on the card telling you where to pass the present. 

Keep passing the gift around until some lucky winner unwraps the final gift! Get four free poems and pass the gift game instructions here. 

Love this fun twist on traditional gift exchange games! Wrap up gifts with multiple layers of wrapping and a passing phrase in between with something like,

20 – The Gift Game

In this game there are tons of silly gifts wrapped up and then a couple of good ones like gift cards mixed in. It’s a fight to see who can go home with the actual gifts and not a pack of Q-Tips or conference swag.

Get the full instructions here. 

21 – Reindeer Hunt 

In this fun game, players have to find all of the reindeer to win a prize! It’s an active hunt that will keep kids and adults searching for magical reindeer! This is a fun and interactive way to give out a little Christmas magic!

Get the rules and printable reindeer hunt cards here.

Reindeer hunt card on a reindeer towel

Want all the best gift exchange games in one place? 

Get the ultimate gift exchange game bundle! The best gift exchange games all in one printable PDF – instructions, printable cheat sheets, printable playing cards, and more! Click on the image below to check it out.

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Fun Christmas Games for Adults

These Christmas games for adults are great for large groups, office parties, or Christmas Eve activities! Don’t forget to pick up some gift cards, Christmas candy, or Christmas movies as prizes for the winners! 

22 – Christmas Movie Bingo

Buy some Christmas movies as prizes and get ready for a round of Christmas bingo! In this Christmas movie edition of the classic bingo game, you either have to match movies or popular movie quotes with holiday classics!

Get the free printable Christmas bingo cards here. 

Free printable Christmas bingo cards

23 – Christmas Rhyme Time

In this fun game, players have to come up with new rhyming versions of Christmas lyrics! But watch out, don’t match someone else’s rhyme or yours doesn’t count! A printable game PLUS two additional interactive versions that would be great for the entire family!

Get the free printable Christmas rhyme game here.

Christmas rhyme game printable with snowflakes in the background

24 – Christmas Movie Games

Three fun Christmas movie games that have people guessing popular Christmas movies based on quotes, plot sub-titles, and even names you might’ve found in the thesaurus!

Adults and teens will absolutely love these Christmas movie trivia games!

Three Christmas movie trivia games on top of each other

25 – Christmas Emoji Game

How well do you know your Christmas movies? Enough to know how they’re written in emoji form? This Christmas emoji game is a lot of fun and great for adults or teens who will know these Christmas movies!

Get the free printable Christmas emoji game here. 

Two printed copies of a Christmas emoji game

26 – Christmas Family Feud

Okay so this game isn’t technically just for adults, but you’re going to want some adults involved when you’re playing it to be able to get all the answers. 

Inspired by the game show Family Feud, this game has you competing as teams (or families) to guess the most popular answers to questions like Name a Popular Christmas song. 

Get the free printable family feud game here. Or get a cool digital version (not my questions) here. 

A DIY family feud game sign full of of family feud questions and answers

27 – Christmas Trivia

See how well you know popular Christmas facts with these fun Christmas trivia questions! Over 75 Christmas trivia questions ranging from easy enough for kids to ones that’ll challenge even trivia buffs!

Get all the printable Christmas trivia questions here.

Christmas trivia questions on cards in a pile

28 – Christmas Scattergories

A Christmas version of one of my favorite board games for adults – in Christmas scattegories, everyone has to come up with Christmas answers for individual categories without matching someone else’s answer.

It’s tricky, fun, and great for teens and adults! Get the Christmas scattergories cards here!

Supplies needed to play Christmas Scattergories

29 – Christmas Price is Right

See who can guess the prices of popular Christmas items like stockings and ornaments in this fun holiday themed version of the game show! This printable game is simple to play and great for adults who will likely have a better grasp of prices than younger friends!

Get the printable Christmas price is right game here!


Printed out Christmas price is right game

30 – Christmas Carol Chaos Game

See if you can figure out the real names of these mixed up Christmas carols. Some of them like quiet after duck are easy and some are definitely more challenging!

Get the free printable Christmas carol chaos game here. Or make it a little easier with this fun Christmas carol game that involves matching songs instead!

A printable Christmas song Christmas party game

31 – Christmas Paper Plate Game

In this fun game, players are directed to draw things while holding a paper plate on top of their head. Compete to see who can get closest to the actual drawing!

Get full instructions for this hilarious game here. 

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Printable Christmas Party Games

These are the simplest of all of the Christmas party games. Just download, print, and play. If you’re gonna try out bingo, these bingo stampers are a hit with the kids and holiday candy is a hit with the adults for markers. 

32 – Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Kids always love scavenger hunts where they have to solve different clues and riddles to find a treasure at the end! 

This Christmas one will have them trying to chase down a sneaky elf who leaves them a fun Christmas themed surprise.

Get the free printable Christmas scavenger hunt here.

Christmas Scavenger hunt riddles on decorated cards

33 – Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt

Instead of sending people around the house chasing Christmas clues, send them around the neighborhood looking for Christmas light instead with this Christmas light scavenger hunt! 

Get the free printable Christmas light hunt here.

Printable Christmas light scavenger hunt complete with all sorts of fun light displays to look for!

34 – Christmas Scavenger Hunt

This fun Christmas scavenger hunt will have kids, teens, or adults running around trying to find items on this Christmas list! This one is great for playing at home, at a party, around the neighborhood or even virtually via zoom!

Just follow these virtual scavenger hunt rules and use this list!

Printed out Christmas scavenger hunt for kids

35 – Roll a Christmas Tree Game

Don’t want to roll a snowman? You could try this roll a Christmas tree game instead – same idea just rolling a Christmas tree instead of a snowman. 

Get full instructions and the free printable roll a Christmas tree dice game here. 

Decorated roll a Christmas tree

36 – Christmas Danger Words

Can you get your teammate to guess a specific word or phrase without them guessing the danger word? It sounds easy, but it’s not as easy as it sounds! This fun Christmas game is great for smaller groups and families!

Get the Christmas danger words here.

Christmas danger word cards

37 – Christmas Bingo

Use these cute Christmas bingo boards to play everyone’s favorite game! With over 40 unique Christmas bingo cards available, it’s a set that’s big enough for any size Christmas party!

Get the Christmas bingo cards here!

Christmas bingo card with Christmas erasers in a line

38 – Christmas Music Bingo

Switch things up from regular bingo and try a little Christmas music bingo this year! Play a Christmas song, match it on your card, and be the first to get five in a row to win!

Get the printable Christmas music bingo cards here.

Christmas music bingo card with a bingo made out of Christmas erasers

39 – Christmas Would You Rather

This isn’t just your traditional would you rather game! Three different games all using hilarious Christmas would you rather questions will have your family and friends’ stomachs rolling with laughter just like Santa!

Get all the Christmas would you rather questions here.

40 – Christmas Outburst

This fun Christmas version of one of the most classic board games for adults will have everyone hollering out words to try and guess everything on a card for a particular category! It’s hilarious to play and even more hilarious to watch as people always tend to forget the most obvious answers!

Get the printable Christmas outburst game here.

Six Christmas outburst cards in a pile

This free printable Christmas word search is a great way to keeps the kids entertained while the adults are playing Christmas party games!

Get the free printable here.

Christmas word search on a blue background

42- Christmas i-Spy

This Christmas i-spy is another fun printable activity just for kids! See if you can find all of the holiday items hidden in the picture before moving onto some of these other Christmas activities.

Printed out Christmas i-spy game on a pink background

want 20 fun Christmas Games?

Other Christmas Party Games

And if you don’t want to do any of the work, these games are ones you can order directly from Amazon. Just head over to Amazon, add to cart, and buy. Definitely the easy way to go and so fun! 

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Other Great Party Games 

If you don’t want necessarily Christmas party games, you could totally host a game night themed Christmas party with any of these great board games for adults! Or try one of these other fun party game ideas!

Other Christmas Party Ideas

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